Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Thanks so much for the nice comments on my tut and pot holders!!
I have some truly gifted and wonderful blog readers so your approval means a lot!!

I have decided to give two of my potholders away..if anyone wants them.
Offering a Moo one and a Chix one!
I used the ‘Buried Treasure’ fabric so it is not new!
Did wash it all up though!!;-)

Everyone can play!!

Maybe 'slow boat' postage world wide may not be too bad on these small light things...;-)

So now let me see…. what can you do to be in the drawing for these…???
I know!!!

1.How about give a shout out on your blog about my giveaway.
2.Tell me what you will 'fix' using them.
3. Must have a blog and email, no anonymous commenter’s.
4. If you do not respond to my email in 24 hrs will draw another number.
So need to keep check on your email!!

Will draw number Sunday Feb 22, George Washington’s Birthday !!
Will mail out as soon as I have mailing info!!!

Thanks for playing!!!!


  1. Hi Lola,
    Your tutorial couldn't be clearer, you did a great job. Maybe if I had some of your pot holders, my arm wouldn't look like it does. So I'm saying the Salsa Recipe I just put on my blog and I'll be sure and mention your giveaway.
    Thank you for having this,
    Keep Stichen'

  2. I`ve added your Giveaway to my blog post today. I found you through Bonnie at Calamity Jane`s.

    I would love to bake my son`s favorite muffins and take them out of the oven with your cute pot holders. I`ve been making those muffins for 30 years!

    I`ll be back. I need all the sewing inspiration I can get!

  3. Lola! I would Love your pot holders! I thought about them when I was using towels to take a pot of cabbage rolls out of the oven! I would love to use them for my southern goulash, chacked full of ground round and vaggies! And of course, a shout on my blog!

  4. I need new potholders because I am not real good at making them. Please add me to your drawing. I will put a note on my blog in a few minutes.

  5. I forgot to tell you what I would make in my last comment. I think a nice apple pie would work on our cold snowy days we are having right now. Thanks and sorry for the 2 posts.

  6. Enter me!! I love them. I'd use them taking out baked beans for family gathering or apple crisp or banana pudding oh and homemade rolls.

  7. Hello Lola! Such cute potholders! I will definitely give you a shout out on my blog in the next day or so. What would I fix if I won these? Well... I'm not the best cook, but I sure can bake, so probably something sweet and chocolatey (that I will have to avoid eating) - how about some banana-chocolate chip bread? Mmmmm.

  8. What cute potholders! I would probably use those to pull my famous spaghetti pie, in a 9x13 pan, out of the oven. Yummo!
    I put your link on my site pronto.

  9. I wnat to play, I would love one of your pot holders. I will be making oatmeal/fruit bars that are only 2 Weight Watcher's points.

  10. Love your pot holders!!
    Would love to win one, I'd use them for my homemade granola that everyone loves.(don't want to mess it up right away)
    Will give you a shout out!

  11. I wa s at sandys blog and she has you posted as a giveaway. Wow neat potholders. Your tutorial is very good. I coould use some new pot holders and I'm sure my grandaughter would just love them to take cookies out of the oven Linda

  12. I will actually gift them to my daughter who will be getting her own place soon.

  13. I love the potholders, and your tutorial. Since I am not the chief cook in this family, I will give them to my husband. But, I WILL use one when I make pork won tons, my new specialty.

  14. What great pot holders! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial with everyone...I can't wait to make a few!

  15. Cute potholders. I'll be making banana bread, my family favorite.

  16. Please enter me. They will get lottas love at my house. i cook every day.

  17. Just catching up on blog posts and put your tutorial on my to-do list! I can only dream that mine will come out as beautiful as yours!
    Great idea for a giveaway! We make cookies 2x a month for the kids youth group, lazagna or baked ziti atleast once a month and baked parmesian chicken atleast once a week! LOL They would get plenty of use in my house!

  18. Great Giveaway! I make homemade muffins every day, and I have been using a towel to take the muffin pan out...this is so much easier and prettier. I would love to use your pot holders and exhibit them proudly in my kitchen.
    I will post your giveaway on my blog.
    All the best,
    In Ireland


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