Friday, February 20, 2009

More Potholder Love…

..well I experimented with these.
Made from the simple inexpensive on the bolt homespun not the REAL VINTAGE KIND!

Used some thicker press on batting I had some scraps of from making bags.
Came out fine. They sew up quicker than my TUT pot holders.
Top is before washing pic... next is after washing.
Learned one thing you must be sure you catch the batting in the seams or quilt it some way as it will MOVE when it is washed.
So 2 out of 3 came out fine!!
I have a pal (no blog) who loves this raggedy look so these are for her..well not the one that did not come out so well…;-)
It is not hopeless though will take apart and just recycle the batting!!! ;-)

These would make cut small coasters as well or heat pads for hot dishes.
May do another tut!!


  1. LOVE the homespun potholders. That is easy enough for me!! And I have a pile of the fabric I got at a thrift store. Now watch me go!

  2. OMG, Lola, those are FABULOUS!!! LOVE the raggedy look, you know that! Great job...

  3. I like the raggedy look, too. should do another tutorial for us!

  4. These look fabulous - love the raggy bits.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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