Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cold, DONE and a Sweet Award!!

Thanks gang! I do feel better !!
I hope we are on a upswing once again!!
COLD so very very COLD 17 F with sunshine but hey the weather folks promise warm up tomorrow and for the weekend!! YES!
I did finish the house stitchery and have in frame!
Have to call it my ‘not feel good work’… ha!!

Cool Beans!!! DONE! Love the sounds of that DONE!! DONE!!

A Sweet Award!!
Oh my goodness! I feel over whelmed but with nice warm fuzzy feelings as well!
Ann of A Good Yarn has bestowed on me a sweet lovely award.
She was honored to receive it and has spread the love around to me.

Big (cool)Thank You Hugs Ann!!!
In turn I also want to spread the love!!!


  1. I love your "Not Feel Good Work". That is one advantage to being under the weather. You have to sit still, and can finish projects.

  2. Oh, thanks........that is sweet of you....will get this on my blog in a day or two (you know me...always have a few posts lined up ahead of time and waiting)....LOL Glad you are feeeling better. We have that cold, too, and got more snow last night...I hate it...not right for our neck of the woods in winter.

  3. Nice stitchery! Glad you are feeling better. I hope the weatherman is right about things warming up.

  4. Thanks for being a good sport! Your blog is always fun to read. Your littke stitchery is simply delightful!

    You can send some of that cold weather my way as tomorrow will be 44 degC (111F). Yikes!

    Have a great weekend...Ann :)


Luv hear'in from ya!!