Sunday, February 8, 2009

Burn Notice!!

SUNBURN that is!!! Haa!!! Yeah!! OUCH!
Well what can I say …was close to a record breaking warm Feb day for us..record was 75 we made 72 officially… out here we got 73.4!!!
Bright sunshine so nice and warm on bones and joints so weary of the awful cold we have had !!!
Was nice warm and relaxed on the lounger. Was watching DH do a bit of yard work.
Had on a low t shirt with capris, NO SHOES.. YEAH BAAABEEEEE!!!

Well this is all I will show you that is red! My niece says it is official now... I am a RED NECK!!HAA! No regrets!!!!
We are to be cool again tomorrow then in 60’s but rain…so today was a wonderful treat!!!
Sure hope all who had a touch of this warmth was out and enjoying it!!!


  1. Such a beautiful shade of red! Thanks for sharing your warm weather update! Head for the aloe!

  2. Oh, I am SO jealous! But, no, I didn't hate you for even a few minutes for having such glorious weather while we're still stuck in the doldrums of winter.

  3. Went a tad over 70 here today, too, and we had a great time on the on my blog in a couple of days. CAREFUL with sunburns like that. I am here as the voice of experience to tell you those burns can take a toll on you. I used to get that red in just that spot and then needed some pretty extensive surgery for skin cancer in that area...NOT a fun thing. So....PLEASE use a good sunscreen and use it faithfully....everyone...okay?

  4. Wow that is certainly red. Just as well you weren't in those clothes here on Saturday we had 113 and bushfires all over the State. Sliced tomato rubbed on sunburn can often take the string out.

  5. It was wonderful on this side of the "rivah" too. I rode with DD to 'th beach' to the TJMaxx over there. TJMaxx/Home something. Got a bunch of tops, pair of jeans, shirt for DH and towels. Much nicer than the one in NN reminded me of when they first came to the area almost 30 years ago. DH went to gun club with DD's DH and his bubba. I didn't know that at the time I left and I didn't take key. DD had lost her key to our house, her DH has his with him I had to go to 90 yr old neighbor for one but it took three tries going back and forth getting another key to try before I found the right one!!! He must have a key for every house in a mile radius!!! Saw this ring with truck keys marked the way DH marks them and I knew then that was the set of keys but it was to Chevy and we've had Ford trucks for eons since a s-i-l works for Ford I'm guessing 12 or more years.. I did get sticks up in yard and he rode mower over to chop up some leaves and stuff. And got to visit with neighbor across the street and catch up on the news with her. Didn't get any sun though, dang it.

  6. That looks nasty! Wait till it starts to peel - itchy, itchy.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  7. How wonderful for you to be able to enjoy such a respite from the cold. We are looking at the possibility of snow today, but that's okay. It's was beautiful yesterday, and we need to remember that!


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