Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nut’in fancy…

…just a couple very simple Valentine’s items.
Made these simple coasters today from 5”squares and some left over cotton batting…they fit in this holder I happened to come up on in a box in storage.
I wanted flags for the porch side bed and mail box but did not want to go to big city to get any sooooo…used simple cotton fab and made my own.
Not like they will be out there forever. Hey my outside ones I bought did not last a *******spell …well any length of time! ;-)
I need to buy all new ones before Christmas !
I have seen some in Country Sampler I may try to order .
I want them to look good from both sides, not just one.
Here is a pic of some snowmen on old chest in dining room.
Will be putting them away next week after Valentine’s Day.
Been busy being the maid today so did not get much else done.
Now time to go to the kitchen and become the chef..;-)


  1. Cute...cute..CUTE photos!!! What's for dinner, Chef Lola?? :)

  2. Lola I love your projects, you're so creative! What cute great ideas!
    I have to go put my chefs hat on myself. Cabbage rolls tonight!!

  3. Love your snowmen display, the coasters and flag!!

  4. Oh Lola, I just adore your collection of snowmen. *swoon*

    The coasters and flags are heart-stopping!

    Cheers...Ann :)


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