Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life is Grand....oh yes it is!!!

This was passed on to me by Elaine of Averrt Lady Nana.

She is a sweet blogging pal!! We live across the river from each other but so far only know each other on line! One day we will have a meet up at a local quilt shop and by then we will be like LONG LOST KIN!!!;-)

So I have to list 5 reasons why my life is "grand", and then pass it on .

Really I do feel truly blessed in my life . Has not always been this way , makes you appreciate it more. So many more reasons my life is grand then can be listed but here are a few!!

1. I have a wonderful husband that makes my life grand ...most of the time..;-) ! My Mama told me that the early years would fade away and these later ones together would be the sweet ones, once again Mama was right!!

2. Have a wonderful extended family that is the best. Kids, grands , nieces and nephews, an older brother I adore and his family. We all have a grand time when we are together making memories!

3. We live simply and enjoy simple things. It is grand that our freezer if full of food an our pantry shelves are not empty.

4. Have fairly good health and so far we can afford to pay for our meds we need and our bills.

5. Have a loaded book case and a great stash of fabric, thread, patterns, etc along with some wonderful machines to use to sew for my GRAND FAMILY!!!!

Now here is my twist.. I want to pass this on to all my readers that chose to have it!
Go on take it....and share some of your wonderful blessings that make your life grand!!
You may be surprised at what really makes Life Grand for you!!!

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