Friday, February 6, 2009


Be sure to get Block 2, Feb, of the Bunny Hill BOM now up on Anne's free pattern page. So cute with the sweet birds! She is also showing you how it will look in stitchery.
Anne did red work which looks lovely. Blue, green, pink, black or brown even cream on black would be nice as well or just as you would do a reg stitchery using threads as fabrics.
Now while there you need to look at her other free designs she has a heart that would work up some nice projects for Valentine’s Day! One is a sweet lil needle keeper!!!

Okay are you ready for this???? Another wonderful BOM free site...FAT CAT PATTERNS!!
Baltimore Bliss is so pretty!! Several to choose from there along with other patterns.
Sindy Rodanmayer has a really wonderful site.

Moda Fabrics has what they call a Recipe Page with ideas and TUTs for using the precut packs as in Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, etc. Loads of inspiration there for gifts or just something for yourself!!
Cool Beans!!!
Most fabric company sites do have free patterns/ designs from leading designers on their web pages so just do a search on your favs!

Now now..shhhh I know we only have so many hours in a day , yada yada. Hey no one says you have to do them ALL now or even this year or for that matter a whole quilt!!!!
One block wonders work, runners, totes, pillas, shirts, skirts, aprons… where ever your ideas take ya!!
You need to print/save some off though as a lot of the freebies on some sites will only be up a limited time for free , after that you will have to purchase them.
Which is okay as well to purchase designs and patterns!! I do my share of keeping the creative souls in biz be it patterns, books or fabrics!!!

In these harder times this great wide world of Internet sharing is a blessing!!!
Loads of wonderful swaps and Giveaways , Pay It Forwards.
New pals to make all over the world!! Hey look at what we SAVE in air fares and phones charges by visiting online!!
Just shows there is still more good in this world then bad!!
Lots are pledging to use what they have on hand which is good while others are pledging to only do handmade also good!!
We all have to tighten our belts in some kind of way these days.
Pick and choose better on how or where we spend.
My pledge is to not buy junk food or stuff I really do not need,
no impulse buying(except fabric)!!
I have cut back in other areas so fabric, thread , sewing, creating , can still be on my list, if even is a small amount.
Yes I do have plenty of all the above here to work with but I find by just adding a lil bit of a newer fab here and there to some older ones it will update the whole project!
Just my tiny bit of economical advise… ;-)

Here is a blog that shares wonderful deals for Quilting on a Budget!
Now you better fix a full pot of java Joe or Earl Gray as you will be surfing a while here!!!
Just doing my part to help you use that Internet connection to its fullest !!!!!!;-)

Have a WANDAMUS weekend and stay cool or warm which ever part of our wonderful earth you are on!!!!


  1. Yesterday I sorted and organized (somewhat) my many pages I've printed from ideas and patterns online. I put them all in looseleaf binders. I am hoping to keep these things tamed from now on and put them away (in binders) as soon as I print them in the future. Great ideas you have for us today.

  2. Isn't Anne's next block delightful! I can't wait to stitch it. I only discovered Moda's recipe page the other week and there are so many wonderful patterns/projects on it. My quilting resolution this year is too kepp making and keep buying (within the budget of course). I had my thrift year last year so I want to keep my favourite shops in business.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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