Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

I came across this when I was digging in a closet! Yes look'n for something else..again!
I had forgot all about this piece of an old pieced quilt top.
It was a rescue too, just like our fur babies!!
It is a dumpster find, except I did not ‘dive’ for it, was hanging off the side.
Was dirty and my DH is like …WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? LEAVE THAT HERE !!!NASTY!!!… ha!!
Well we know I did not listen to his over reacting drama. ;-)
Brought it home washed it up.
I spent time thinking on who did it and why, was it unfinished or was it used for covering something ?Were the pieces worn to begin with? Maybe just some one's busy work say on older person? Why would someone throw it out? So many questions.

All hexes are done by hand, sqs are machine sewn together and cut looks like done with pinking shears. No it is not perfect, but that is what is so endearing to me!
You can see worn spots in some places and the colors on some of the hexes are faded more than others. I sure wish I knew it's story.
I used it hung over a cabinet door or laying on the old Singer Treadle for many moons then washed it up again and put away.
That was like maybe 20 yrs ago!!
What is so neat is it fitting right in with all the NEW fabrics out and the NEW color ways!!
Say Orange and Aqua!
If I did not know better I would say this is new fabric bought online recently!!
Looking to the past for inspiration is apparently not a new thing!!
Everything Old Is New AGAIN.


  1. It's beautiful. I am so glad you rescued it all those years ago.
    Looks now like I won't get to M-A until Sunday. DD's DH isn't off until Sunday. So maybe I'll see you out there after all.

  2. Good for you - rescuing that top. Someone's time and energy is in that piece and it deserves being cared for.

  3. We found some old quilted pieces in Mom's cedar chest and wondered the same thing. Who were the women that quilted these! What did they talk about while stitching? Where did they get the fabrics, clothing, a mercantile, what is it's history? We know it was some of our ancestors, but who? Wouldn't it be wonderful to know? What a great find!!

  4. What a beautiful find! I wouldn't have been able to pass it by either.

  5. Thank goodness you rescued it! How sad the maker would have been to think her hours and hours of work had been discarded. It's such a pretty quilt.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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