Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quilt Raffle..1 it for the love of a horse!!

Quilt Raffle for some Sweet Horses!!!

Will be a May 10th, 2009 Mother’s Day drawing at Sesroh Tack Shoppe Smithfield, VA .

Local area barns have taken in many recently seized horses that have been abused and neglected. Can read about it in Daily Press article.
These horses need a 2nd chance at life.

The United States Equine Rescue League has placed these horses with local families to be nursed back to health and then adopted out once healthy.
They are in dire need of basic food, water, vet, and foot care.
All of the proceeds from the raffle of this quilt will go to the needs of these horses.
For just $1.00 per chance you are also giving a horse a 2 nd chance.
It is a king size, hand pieced, machine quilted all cotton quilt.
It will be on display at Bella Fabrics in Carrollton for a short while.
Tickets can be purchased at Bella's, Horse and Hound, and Sesroh Tack Shoppe.
Additional donations of food or hay or vet service can be made at local tack shops and
For more info or questions you may also contact Jodie .

There were also over 80 Golden Retrievers rescued as well. I do not know of any fundraising efforts for them right now.


  1. This really moves me. In our area, two puppy mills were recently raided, and over 500 puppies seized. Good for you for spreading the word. It's happening everywhere. People are losing their jobs and can't take care of their critters. I just rescued two alpacas yesterday.
    I will check out the sites and make a donation.

  2. I imagime that the economic crisis has mad it difficult for some people to continue caring for their animals as they would want to. Then there are those who simply don't know how to care for animals and of course, those who just don't care. It's a terrific quilt and I expect they will sell loads of tickets.

    Right now there is fundraising for the animals - domestic, livestock and wild that have been injured in the fires. Quite a few towns are trucking in feed.

    Thanks fro spreading the word Lola.

  3. Thank you so much Lola!! This post is da bomb and I am so happy you are willing to help us spread the word about the dogs and horses that need help. If people are willing to take a chance on the quilt raffle, every penny of that will go toward the vet and farrier bills for these horses. We VERY MUCH appreciate all your support!


  4. Listing pending at

  5. Found you on put your blog post on twitter...hope it helps you. Your quilt is beautiful, as is your heart to help these poor animal souls!


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