Friday, November 20, 2009


In slow mode here.
About as ready for the arrival of the special guests as I can be for now.

I am under the weather so to speak.
Went to our GP doc yesterday now have to go to another one...waiting on the call.
GP says possible Esophageal Stricture.
One Dr. GP wanted me to see, well his office is closed today so we are waiting on GP to decide where we go from here.
Having trouble with swallowing any foods, soft or solid, now even liquids, painful.
Been since Sunday I had a meal of any kind.
Yes waited to long...thought was just a sore throat thing coming on.
Doc wants me to try to get in as much carbs in liquid form as I can.
Been drinking plenty of water and hot teas.

Can we say weight loss???;-)
Sorry just my 'sick' humor.

Will not be posting much till I feel better.
Do have some Auto posts that should pop up on a couple days.

No... not canceling my family plans!!
I want to see those grand-babies!!
No pain will keep me from that!!!

Hope everyone is getting all your food goodies together this week!!
Making room for pallets on the floor.
My Granny Bradshaw would have called those guest beds!!


  1. So sorry you're under the weather. Hope you get appointment soon and this doctor can help you ASAP!!!
    Keep us posted!

  2. I hope you get better in time for thanks giving!

    Goble, goble!


  3. Despite the weight loss, it can't be any fun. Hope you are feeling better soon so you can really enjoy the grands.

  4. Hope it is nothing serious and you are feeling better soon.

  5. Oh my goodness, Lola! I hope that the doctor can get to the bottom of the problem and that you start feeling better soon! Take care!

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  7. Sorry to hear you are not well Lola.Hope you are better soon.

    Yes enjoy your visit with your grand babies they are so much fun.I have just returned from a visit with my.

    Take care Hugz Maria

  8. Oh Lola! I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well! Take care of yourself and get better soon.


  9. What do you mean--you can;t eat--BUT thanksgiving is this week--sorry--you have to wait until after the first of the year to be ill--didn't the doctor tell you!!!
    Oh Lola--I sure hope you wake up tomorrow and it is all better and you are back to normal!!!
    Hugs, and prayers-your angel partner, DI

  10. Lola...I am so sorry to hear this. (I must admit, though, that I'd have made the same comment about weight loss if that was happening to me.) Let's hope they can get to the bottom of this and get it straightened out for you really soon. I will keep you in my prayers.

  11. I hope you feel better soon. Take care. HUGS

  12. Hi Lola,
    So sorry to hear you have been under the weather! Hope they are able to figure it out quickly and that you are not in too much pain. Will be thinking of you!

  13. Take care of yourself, nothing better that some reading, a tv remote, hot tea and time to get better.

  14. I hope you feel better. Get some rest and make sure you see the doctor soon.


Luv hear'in from ya!!