Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Won a Give Away

Laurie of Blue Waters had a give away in Oct and I won!
Her sweet lil nephews drew my name!!!

Here is my loot!!!;-)

Tart warmer with tarts, there is another one Yankee Pumpkin Pie...humm ..under the others!;-)

A cute 'I love my Dog' plaque she made!!
2 cute stockings!
Laurie is a crazy quilt stitcher ..wonderful!
Snowmen towel for kitchen.
Pretty stitched heart...went on my needle roll wreath!
A very lovely small pretty box with a sweet snow man ornie inside.
He says...Good Friends Are Angels!!!
This is so very true.
I have had a few 'angels' enter my life when I needed them for sure.

Laurie added these sweet things to the package as a BD gift!!!
So touching and sweet.
Beautiful card and loved that message!
Thank you so much Laurie!
It really brightened my day for sure!
I stopped my work and just enjoyed the moment with you!!!
Big Hugs to you way up there in Michigan !!!


  1. wow, nice loot and no one deserves it more than you.

  2. What a jackpot! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations!! That was a nice win.

  4. What lovely gifts you received. I'm happy that you won such a nice giveaway!!!

  5. I'm so happy you liked your package Lola, and glad it arrived safely. Enjoy!!

  6. Congrats and enjoy the whole package! You deserve it all!

  7. Wow congratulations! Enjoy every single thing :-)

  8. Score big time! Congrats!!

  9. Fun, fun! Wonderful treasures.


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