Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Touched by an Angel!

My Stitcher's Angel that is!!!
I have been blessed to have super talented Di of Quilting is Blissful as my Angel!

Box exciting!!

Oh my goodness pull out this big awesome bag!!
Love it!!!!

Look in the bag!!!! OH MY WORD!!!!!

All these wrapped packages with cute stickers!!!
I will say I waited till DH got home before supper to open them.
More fun to share the treasures!!!

Adorable 'tea towel'...haa!
Appliqued teapot and her stitched rose!!!
Some tea I have not tried yet!
Love it!!!

Now don't hate me because these cuties are now MINE!!!
Sweet lil scissors with a birdie fob, sweet pin cushie and a darling lil basket!!!

Extra cute...birdie wings are needle keepers!!!!
I am squealing here...DH is like are a nut!
Nope, sadly he just don't get it....;-)

Next was an adorable packet of transfers for tea towels called Kitchen Grace by Yesterday's Charm! So will have to get them put on some sacking to stitch over Winter!!!
A bag of cotton stuffing. I have never used any ..opened up and so soft!

A seam ripper...we can never have too many, I like to keep one in all my project bags!!
Now have you ever saw a quilt Emory board???
Well I have led a sheltered life I reckon as I haven't!
It will live beside my main machine!!!
Love it!!!
A cute note pad book that is very French looking!!
Will put in my tote to just wave around when I am 'looking' for something!! Haha!
Was all a glow with happiness with my gifts, gathering up the paper and box...WHAT IS THIS!!!!

OH MY more!!!!!

I am getting so excited !!!!DH is like calm down!!!!!
The house is shaking with your dancing round girl!!!
I KNEW it was a little quilt!!!!!!!!
Just KNEW it!!!

Is she not beautiful??????!!!!!
So much handwork and hand quilting beautifully done!!!!
Yes that is my name on there!!!
Means she is MINE .MINE. MINE!!
Need to shop for a hanger so she can bless my sewing room with the friendship I feel I now have with Ms.Di way up in NY!

I love everything I received...was over whelmed for sure!!!
All in a nice way though!!!
Was like getting loads of gifts for my BD!!!
Thank you so much Sweetie Gal Di...XO to you!
Please run over to her blog, she is an awesome quilter, sewing gal and gets so much done!!!
Tell her Lola sent ya!!!!


  1. oh wow how awesome is that bag full of delights..well done to Di for putting that together and lucky you fro receiving them all, and I can so relate to you dancing around as I was over the moon when my package arrived,cheers Vickie

  2. Lucky you!! Great gifts. Love them all but the little quilt is the icing on the cake. :) I haven't heard from my Angel yet. I'm sending my gifts out today just a tad late but they are going.

  3. How wonderful. You must have been so thrilled to see everything. angel, for sure.

  4. Wow!!! What a wonderful parcel to have arrived. And all those lovely goodies. Lucky You.

  5. What a fun package....thanks for sharing!!

  6. Who boy what a lovely bunch of gifts! Luck you!

  7. Oh Lola, I am so happy for you. What a wonderful package. I can see you smiling all over your blog :-) Enjoy every minute of it.

  8. I think I was almost as excited as you! I had to enlarge everything. What a cute needle keeper, bag, and of course the angel was just beautiful. I think I would have had to just hold it all for awhile and absorb it, ha! Then I would have spread it all out and just sat and stared for awhile, of course talking all the while about how everything was just fabulous! Beautiful things, so happy for you!

  9. That is indeed a talented lady, and how lucky you are to receive such beautiful things.
    Enjoy them all!


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