Monday, November 9, 2009

Greetings from the fog....

What a foggy morn it was!!

Thanks goodness I had my trusty beagle butt beacon to follow!! ;-)
Yes the little dear took me the long way back to our porch! Haa! Haa!

Thanks so much to every one who wished me a Happy Birthday!!
So very kind of you to take the time to do so!
Seems a lot of us share this special day or week in Nov!
Things have sort of settled down BD wise....sigh.

Did get more organized stuff done on weekend with help from niece D.
Also DH stored some packed up containers for me.
I am to the point... pack it up and away..will deal with picking through later....;-)

Today I have to run Unc Ollie to eye doc( prep for cataract surgery) so not much can get done.
Tomorrow the Bernina roars again babeee!!!!!

Happy Monday and hope your week begins with a GOOD BANG!!!


  1. Beautiful photos! It started off sunny this morning here, but it's clouded up and overcast this afternoon. It was nice while it lasted!

  2. It was foggy on this side of the Rivah this morning too! Couldn't see the houses at the end of our street--which means
    the third house away was hidden in the fog...these are not large lots by any means either.

  3. Belated birthday wishes to you, my dear. And many happy returns.
    My parents had a beagle, and one year left him with us to doggy sit while they went on a 6 week trip. It was fall, and the maple leaves were so deep in the streets and yards, the only way I could find him was by his white flag of a tail rising above it all. Shultz really knew his beagles when he wrote Peanuts, huh?

  4. You are a good person to take your elderly relatives for their appointments. I often worry how we will manage when we need that kind of help since we don't live near our daughter and have no other relatives nearby. (Kind of scary to think of that....)

  5. What a neat way to start the day off.It ws beautiful here today we'rein the mist of an Indian Summer!


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