Monday, November 2, 2009

An Old Hooter and some candles...

No... I am not an old Hooter's Gal.. ;-)!!
Well maybe we could form a Granny Hooter's Gal Club.. hahaha!!!
Oh my word.. NO! NO! (shaking my head) to get that pic out of my head!!!!

Here is the Old Hooter I am referring too on the fireplace screen!

This owl wall hanging!
I made this in the 1980's with leftovers from a kit of this pattern I had ordered.
I made the original one for my BFF (angel in heaven) Brenda's mother , Nancy.
She loved owls and collected them. Nancy loved it!!!
As I said I had enough fabric left over to do this one for me!
I use it as a Fall decor item.
Now for the candle part.
Here is a quick fun inexpensive tip for you.
I do not buy new candles for every season to sit on these hearth candle sticks I made.
I use wide ribbon or strips of fabric to just change them out as I want!

Just cut and fold over the ribbon where you need it.
I use these upholstery tacks to hold it on.
You could use neat ones and make this part of the design as well.
You can do the taller candles also just wrap the ribbon around it twice
or use thinner strips and spiral on.

Fast. Easy. and looks great!
What more could you ask for!!!!

Oh my goodness!!
I have watched two MS holiday /decor cooking specials on FLN...think it is effecting me... hahaha!
That's okay... "it's a good thing"....;-)!!!


  1. Grandma hooters...that is too funny...not a nice mental picture.

    Loved your post today.

  2. Oh, dear....Grandma Hooters with all our chafed areas....UGH....NOT a nice picture at all!!! LOL GREAT idea for the candles......ribbon is a lot cheaper (and a lot easier to store) than candles in every color for every holiday!

  3. That IS a sad thought!!! Oh deary!!!

    Love the fireplace "hooter" though.

    The candle idea is great. It looks so festive.

  4. Hey what a great idea Martha junior! And love the Hooter!!

  5. Cute!!! My mom loves owls!! BTW...I Love reading your blog...!!:)

  6. Granny Hooters Gal Club...too funny!

  7. you go granny HOOTER, gee, now I have a new nickname for you. love the candle idea, such a pretty fireplace

  8. Granny Hooters now that's a real hoot! Cute idea about the candles and your owl quilt is cute too!

  9. Oh, I laughed so hard at your Hooter's comment. The pictures in my mind... haha

    Love the owl (Hooter) quilt. Owls are SO in vogue right now - very folksy! My mum used to collect owls, too. She had the cutest gold owl with a diamond eye for her necklace. I haven't seen it for years. I'll have to ask her about it. Hmmm...

  10. everything old is new again... I have a needlepoint owl that my MIL did 40 yrs ago... now owls are all the rage.


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