Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Belle's old ironing board and tea???

This is a very old ironing board that belonged to DH's grandmother.
I have used it in so many ways.
Display at craft shows, to hold plants in my home, as hall table, night table, as sofa table.
Leaned up in corner with old aprons on it, etc. and yes as an ironing board by my machine!!
One of my fav treasures we own simply because dear MIL was going to throw it out and I grabbed it!!!
She was forever shaking her head at me over my 'old junk stuff'!;-)
I used to hug and kiss her cheek and say "well now Miss Nellie you are lucky I adore old stuff as I adore you and Mama!"
They would both just hee haw faces glowing from the love!
Sigh....the memories.
Anyway ..now Granny Belle's old board becomes a TEA TABLE!!

Yes I decided to do my Tuesday Tea post on it!!

The Magnet Tin Lamp is also an one that was my MIL's.
Was electrified way back , I use a candle looking bulb in it I found at Lowe's.
I used a vintage hand towel with crochet lace on it as my table cloth.
Then a 1940's cotton place mat. I have this set and another I just love.
White cotton napkin with one of Granny H's 1910 silver forks and one of Aunt Mary's silver spoons. I mix up my silverware along with mixed dishes...just my way!;-)

My tea pot was made in England, sitting in a cream ware plate.
Next is a cream ware teacup and saucer.
I only have two ,each a different pattern, this is the smaller one.

The tag hanging on the lamp was one I received in a Tag Swap a few years back.
A candle floral arrangement in a vintage'60's bulb planter.

Now this fruit bowl is part of the dishes I call my 'Autumn' dishes... so lovely!
I plan to have some of niece D's pumpkin gooey butter cake in this one. shhh;-)
They are a pattern called Sundale 22K Gold by American Limoges, Made In USA.
I have dinner plates , nice dinner soup bowls, large serving platter and bowl, these fruit bowls and some saucers.
I do not have any cups!!!! Boo Hoo!
I have looked and looked, online the pattern that comes up is not this one.
All the same but the rims.
So if you are somewhere and see any just like these please give me a yell!!!
I do hope you enjoyed my country Tuesday's Tea Post on Belle's old Ironing Board!
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  1. oh you are so clever-that look beautiful-and if'n I ever see a cup I will holler real loud,cheers vickie

  2. It is just wonderful,everything is beautiful. I love the ironing board. So warm and inviting!

  3. Oh my goodness girl, what a great display! And your ironing board is the BEST!! Woo-hoo, so glad you grabbed it before it became fire wood.

  4. Hi, and thanks for coming by to visit me. Oh, wow, I just love this ironing board. I love how you set it up with your tea things. Very clever. Glad you kept it. :)


  5. What great uses for an old ironing board. And your Autumn dishes are to die for.

  6. Lola, you are just so creative! I love the tea "table"...it's wonderful! And I love reading your stories of your precious family...you sure do love them.

    Your Limoges is beautiful...such pretties...I love them all!

    Happy TTT! God bless!

  7. Love the ironing board, glad you grabbed it up!!

  8. Very pretty! I like your setting and the old board is just precious!

    Have a great day!


  9. Ok I just think this ironing board tea setting is fabulous! Great imagination you have. Sweet dishes...

  10. What a lovely story behind your ironing board and such a unique tea table it makes covered with your pretty linens and china. Thanks for sharing such a sweet post with us today..Definately put a smile on my face.

  11. Your tea post today was not board!
    Yea, if you didn't rescue that treasure I would have been right behind ya. Liked reading the variety of ways you have put the ol girl to work for you.
    Tuesday Blessings ;-)

  12. Oh, Lola, I love your tea post! I always love to hear family stories. I think tea is perfect served on your family ironing board! Everything looks perfect on it! Thank you for stopping by Bunny Cottage for a cup of tea today. I always enjoy your company so much! Vicki

  13. Love your Miss Belle's old ironing board!!! And your beautiful tea table! the teapot, dishes, silver, lamp,etc., etc...

    That is a neat idea for the candles you posted about the other day! Will give it a try.

    Went to Nancy's today and made a HUGE purchase...my last gift from my Momma...

  14. love the old ironing board--and that your's has family history!!! I have had an old wood one (actually had 2 at one time) and like you mine was used in alot of different ways--now it is just standing up against the wall as a back drop to a tree!!!!
    Love your little tea area and all the info you have given--you are really good at this--keep on going!!! Hug, Di

  15. I love how you used the ironing board, how creative! The bowl reminds me of the set that my grandmother had many years ago, it was displayed in her pantry. Seeing yours gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Thanks! Hope you find more of these dishes.
    Oh and congratulations on winning my give away!

  16. Everyday I use my husband's grandmother's old board. I tried putting it away and using a newer one, but the new ones just aren't sturdy enough! Yours looks great as a tea table!


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