Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stormy Day

We are in the midst of a Nor 'Easter Storm... a big one.
Ida or what is left, has mixed in with what we had here so now a big mess.
Looking at major flooding which already is bad in some areas from morning tides.
Winds are up and gusting to 65. Tides later tonight will be close or as bad a Isabel was!
DH could not get to work had to turn around bridge was closed.
Schools all closed. Loads of other places closed.
Power is out in some areas.
We have had blinks but so far still have day progresses and evening may lose it for sure.
Here are pics of my yard just from rain fall.
This area is a water area...our inland rivers and creeks/ streams all fed by Chesapeake Bay so as storm blows in water they all over flow.
Here I am surrounded by 4 bridges, with Isabel we were locked in for a while with high waters.
So this is my post for the day.
Will stay high and dry as I can and sew...;-)


  1. It's pretty wicked here, too.....but a bit worse by you. I wish it would get moving, but it seems to be a bit stalled. *sigh* I hate wind now ever since the tree came down on us in the summer.

  2. Stay safe, Lola! I talked to my son (who is in on the NC coast) last night and he said that they are expecting 10 inches of rain from this storm! It's a bad one for sure!

  3. That's a lot of water!!! Hope it stays there and doesn't get any worse for you.

  4. The Pacific Northwest gets alot of flack about the constant rain, but that's not true. We NEVER have 10 inches in a day. We get wind storms that are as bad as hurricanes, with winds up to 100mph. But today is gorgeous, with sunny skies, and the snow covered mountains in Canada are showing in all their glory.
    Hope you keep dry, the season is just beginning.

  5. This is really something isn't it???
    DD got home early from work/Williamsburg. Have an idea her husband will be working late. Talked to my sister over in Mathews...a lot of the roads impassable.

  6. the waves just crashed over the sand dune here in OV..yikes !!

  7. Oh My Lola--you have a pool in your yard--did not realize that the weather and storms are soo bad down your way--not having a TV or listening to news i did not know--but I will check it out before i get off tonight--that's another nice thing about having the Internet, I can see what is going on elsewhere if I want too!!! Hope it blows over real soon and all is back to normal soon--stay safe and dry--Hugs, Di


Luv hear'in from ya!!