Monday, November 16, 2009

books or quilts..needle rolls???

Okay here is one of the cloth 'books' I am making into a nap quilt.
I should have pieced some blocks for the sides but I just really do not have the time.
Besides I did not think about it till I had already sewed the borders and sides on! UGH!
No time to take all out and begin again!
Besides it will be a well used quilt any way..;-)
So just need to sandwich and quilt.
Next one is an ABC book, hope to have it pieced today.

I also wanted to share a wonderful birthday gift I received from my niece D.
A needle roll!! Snowmen!!
I love these not know why...maybe the name...hahaha!
We know I love rolls..these are just not edible!!!
They are yummy though!
D is an awesome stitcher!!!

Remember the grapevine wreath I it is!
I decided to make it my needle roll holder.
So as I receive them( yes I hope for more, more , more)..will add them.
I did put 2 pin cushies on there too, they were done by a gal in Texas.
I hung it between the windows of my sewing room.

For window coverings I decided to use 2 vintage lace table clothes!
Works for me!
Maybe with the rain last...I can work some outside.
I still need to sand and paint the wall shelves for sewing room.
Course may just have to wait till after Thanksgiving .

So much to do before the arrival of the grands Sunday!
Sent Gramps out to do some shopping yesterday!
Nice that he enjoys doing it!
Got to stock up on some supplies.
WOW...I am trying to imagine fixing for an extra 7 every day!

We had Sunshine all day Sunday!!! YES!
Light wind and was warm too!!
I washed up some fabric and dried it on the line!
I hope we are back to our normal Fall weather now!!


  1. You will have a fun time....although, being a loving grandparent myself, I predict by the time they go home, you will be ready for THAT, too. LOL The needle roll is cute and I like using the book panel as a whole quilt like that! We did have nice weather yesterday and for the next day or so, too...yippee!!

  2. Lovely needle roll. They are a great idea too.

    Have fun with the grands. I know you will love it.

  3. Oh, I need some of your energy! Can you send some to me, so I can do even one project? You are so creative...I love the pretty things you do! I've never heard of a needle roll, but I can sure see why you like them...adorable...such a sweet gift from daughter! Have a wonderful time with the grandchildren...mine just went home yesterday, so now I can clean up the mess before I even think about sewing...but it was well worth it!

    God bless, sweetie!


  4. I would love to know what a needle roll is, I love the look of it. And your creative ideas for using thing, it's great to have such an imagination. A tablecloth for curtains is one I'm definetly going to use! Great post Lola!!


Luv hear'in from ya!!