Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthday Fun..and 'sew' on ;-)

Yesterday, Nov 5, was my birthday.
I found this yesterday by my coffee cup.;-)

Yes it is a Big Bug Zapper!!
DH just HAD to have a lil giftie to go with my BD card.
Now that is a HOOT but sorry can't share here.. ha!
I will just say that my DH and I have a wicked sense of humor in common...;-)
My sewing room makeover is my birthday gift.
I have enjoyed receiving sweet BD cards, funny emails and witty phone calls !
I always can get a week out of it.. Ha!! Ha!!

My dear son took me to lunch in Smithfield, Va on Wed .
We went here to the Smithfield Gourmet Bakery and Cafe.

I had to bring this half home.
Sammie was HUGE on fresh baked bread.
Yummy and excellent coffee too.
I was good, had no dessert but did LOOK at some longingly!
We went in a few shops too.. was a nice afternoon spent with him!

Oh the way back home he took me by to pick up my bushel of sweet taters!
Nice to have a strong young fella to tote them in for me!

I ordered these wonderful Fall fabrics from Brenda at Pumpkin Patch Primitives.
Yes sort of a BD gift to myself! ;-)
I just love Gobble Gobble by Moda, so settled for 2 charm packs.
I had to have some of The Haunted Hollow line as well as a couple yards of some others on sale. Go check them out great fabrics for good deals!

I also received these a bit a go...2 honey buns, Glace and Aviary and a dessert roll of Glace.
They are for some holiday projects.

See this stack here??
Well these all have to be FINISHED by Nov 21...yes this year!!!
All for my 6 sweeties that will be here for Thanksgiving from Tennessee!!
So I may be a slow blogger for a few weeks!!!
This Granny will be spending my days dulling up some rotary blades, sewing seams and pressing!!
Pedal to the metal on the old Bernina , thread and fabric scraps flying!!
I may not win any Olympic gold medals but hugs and kisses from my grandbabies ...well that is gold to me!!!
Wishing all a super duper weekend having fun doing whatever makes ya happy!!
Stay warm and dry or cool and wet..which ever scenario fits!


  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like your hubby and mine share a similar sense of humor! I know you're going to enjoy sewing in your new room!

  2. Happy Birthday.Looks like you had a great birthday just like I did. My is also on the 5th.

  3. I admire folks with a wicked sense of humor. The world is waaay too serious these days.

    Happy sewing. You will be busy, busy, busy.

    Happy belated birthday.

  4. Happy belated B-day!

    Sounds like you had a blast!!!

    Your husband is so thoughtful! He didn't want flies disturbing you! :)

    Happy Birthday Lola!!!


  5. sounds like you had a wonderful birthday...and yep...looks like you have to put your shoulder to the wheel before Thanksgiving....but that is the fun part!!

  6. Happy Birthday...I am so sorry I am one day behind. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like your birthday week has been filled with lots of fun. Hope your weekend will be too!!

  8. A belated Happy Birthday...but I have a good excuse. I was away on my quilt retreat and didn't know about your b'day until just now. Loved seeing all your goodies!

  9. I am really sorry..I forgot :(
    hope your day was wonderful ..

  10. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great one. Out of the box went good. Had to leave early to go get ham, go to in-laws on way home, home, DH and 3 yr. old grandbaby went back to take dad-in-law to get his car, brought her back, I worked on the gown, he went to take friend on ERRANDS...BIG MESS...more than he bargained for...Have dress finished. Going to rinse it out and drip dry tonight. Iron tomorrow and cook, cook, cook, and get up leaves. Machine still in back of car son-in-law will have to get it out for me...too heavy for me to handle.

  11. Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Lola! I hope you had a wonderful day, bug zapper and all! ☺

  12. where in the world are you going to put all that new yummy fabric, last I saw your cubbards were full. i guess we can always make room for more fabric.

  13. My DD got her husband a bug zapper for Christmas last year and everyone had so much fun with it that we had to get one, too. It is wonderful: we get moths here but can dispatch them ..zap .. zap.

  14. Nice DH and Happy BD, go into my blog and sign up for my monthly giveawaway.

  15. happy birthday, oh a sewing room makeover sounds like the perfect gift to me!
    and lunch out well....I love going out to lunch

  16. Well, happy birthday to you! Hope your projects go well. Pedal to the metal, sew like the wind!!

  17. A big bunch of birthday wishes for you Lola! What a wonderful swag of goodies and fabrics you scored. Ann :)


Luv hear'in from ya!!