Friday, November 27, 2009

Belated Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone who celebrated our US Thanksgiving passed a lovely day yesterday.

We are so busy here with all these folks here in our small home!

Plus they have special diets, Celiacs, so much cooking and cleaning up and :LAUNDRY!!!

We have had rain too so 6 kids INSIDE!!!

Heaven help me!!! Ha!! Haa!!


Did manage to finish up six Noah’s Noel stockings today.

So will fill them up for them to take home.

Did not get the nap quilts done.

When I became ill all sewing stopped!!

Oh well they do not know about them so can finish later and mail. ;-)


No Black Friday Shopping for me today!

Son and DIL went out at midnight to Outlet Mall in Williamsburg!!

No report yet …will be by tomorrow with the kids Christmas so will hear then.


Thanks for you kind thoughts and prayers on my health.

I still cannot eat well, just doing best I can, taking meds.

This too shall pass.

It is true what they say…first place to lose weight is the boobs… hahahaha!

Any pounds lost is good even though I would rather lose it under better circumstances!!


Hope to be back to normal …well us old folks kind of normal , around here Tuesday…;-)

Hope to be able to do some blog reading and surfing!!


No Christmas d├ęcor here till they all leave.

I will have to take down the Fall things first.

Wishing safe travel home and rest for all!!


  1. I hope you feel better soon. We had a lot of people in my Moms home for Thanksgiving too. Our family is growing!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Lola,

    It's same here a lot of eating and getting toghether with friends and family!


  3. Busy here, too...but not as many houseguests as you.....they leave tomorrow...then I need to put the sewing room back together and then can start on decorating the house.

  4. Sounds like a busy, happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're recovering well from your procedure earlier this week.

  5. I hope you feel better soon. You can rest when everyone leaves. hugs

  6. I, too, hope that you're feeling better soon. You have been to busy to be sick!!!!!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, and hope you feel better soon! Enjoy the Christmas decoration when you get down to it.

  8. Yes is lovely to have the litttle ones but also nice when they go home.
    Hope you are felling a little better each day.
    I am sure you will get the decorations up in plenty of time for Xmas

  9. Please take care of yourself Lola, I'm glad you're feeling a little better, and don't worry! Once you get back to normal I promise those boobs will be bouncing again, or should I say bouncing back!?

  10. Ha, okay Laurie was funny! Glad you are on the mend, that's the important thing, all else can wait awhile. You did good! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  11. I hope you are feeling better Lola. Happy Thanksgiving. Take care of yourself. Ann :)

  12. Sure hope you are feeling better.


Luv hear'in from ya!!