Friday, November 13, 2009

Water logged and wind blown....

..just a tad soggy...;-)

Poor Pup hates going out.
Scare's her with wind she hates getting wet !
Soon she will have NO WHERE TO GO!;-)

8 inches of up date from Aunt Dot yet could be more.
Our rain gauge fell down on the job!
Well it was being blown about and water rising round it so just gave up really!

Wind blowing water into chimney, even with a chimney cap on!
Also some was blown up under flashing too.

Not on PC much as power flicks too much!
Good for my other works in in progress though!

Four finished , two more to do today then three more to begin!
I have 3 grands coming that these clothe books are for.
Amelia and Benji are the babes 4 & 2 then one of my sweeties is Special Needs and Ab loves books and these work great for him.

I will only do these for my sweeties I adore as they are a PAIN !!!
I do not care what price you pay, by which designer, or fabric company they will not match up as they are suppose too!!!
So are a real job to do with batting, squaring up when possible ...etc!
Some make for great nap quilts too.
Hope to share that with you soon!
Okay back to the work table!

Sure hope this storm mess is out of here today!!!
DH no office...bridges, tunnels closed and exits ramps too!
Of course as days progress our rivers and creeks will rise and crest!
For Blackwater they say ours, Rattlesnake Swamp will be sooner.
Oh well could have been much worse so we need to be grateful for that.
;-) enjoy a tune click on link!

Johnny Cash...5Ft High and Rising


  1. I am hoping this storm finally moves on has been a bit troublesome. We had a leak in our kitchen, but the folks who fixed the house (and did a new roof) after the tree crashed on us in July are responsible for fixing it. They tarped it yesterday and will come back on Monday to start repairs.

  2. 8" of rain????? Oh my.

    The little soft books are always so cute. I know the wee ones will love them.

  3. "How highs the waterr momma"

    We sang that song when the waters hit Texas a few years back....

    You are getting alot done.

  4. Well, how very wet down there! i do hope you remain dry as can be--your home at least. I can quite imagine no one, including any pets, wants to go out in such torrents!

    Those book covers are adorable. how very sweet of you to take the time to make these treasure troves. Waht child would not love them?

    Nice to meet you, btw. thank you for popping over adn signing up.

  5. All that from Ida? We, in So AL, got 5.5" and the rain lasted about 36-40 hours. I prefer my storms to move along much more quickly.

  6. Holy moly - the water! I hope you're staying dry inside.

    The cloth books are so cute. Keep sewing - that will keep your mind off the storm outside. You can't hear it over the hum of your machine ☺

  7. Hope the rain has finally moved away from you. We're getting some of it here today but the weather man promises that it will only last one day. keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. Good song choice!!

    Hope the rain has eased some what for you but you are keeping very busy doing great work.

    I am sure the granndies will love the work you put into the little soft books.

  9. not being to far from you, we got all that rain as well. our yard is still wet and we've had sun for two days. did you think I forgot all about blogging. one more week of school and I'll be back on board. HUGS

  10. I know how you feel, it rained here for about 3 weeks straight - thought I lived in England?!?!? Lots of Hugs, Mary

  11. That Johnny Cash song is one of my faves...sorry it's almost literal in your case though!


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