Wednesday, December 2, 2009


..the crew left Monday arrived home yesterday evening.

Spent the night in Bristol, TN again on return.

Oh. My. Goodness. it was some week for sure!!

Loved seeing them and how they have grown.

Think the kids had a great time!!

Us old folks…well all I will say is we survived!!

House took some hits…food bill did too! ;-)

Pets are now out of shock, Cocoa Kitty still runs when she hears a noise! Ha ha!

She was The Cat That Lived Under The Bed for 8 days! ;-)


Trying to get house back in some kind of order.

Took Fall decor down inside .

Was packing the outside Fall when it begin to rain …yes again! UGH!

Still at it today. Hope it goes away soon.


Will do a small bit of Christmas decorating but not much.

Trying to rest up I am so very tired still.

I am still not doing well with ‘my problems’.

DH wants me to call Doctor E, one my GP could not get me into as they were closed on that Friday.

So will see what I can do to get in this coming week.

Hate this …just do not know what I can eat or drink that will not hurt!

No coffee and now no tea, not even decaf!! NO CHOCOLATE!

I am going to stick with just some veggies for a while now, no more meat or pasta for a bit.

See what happens.

I did get the stocking done and filled up!

Passed out the morning they were leaving!!

Pics I took of that are blurry!( not happy with my camera now)

Here is one when I finished them. (6)

They do not do Santa(whatever) so Deb Mumm’s Noah’s Noel fit the bill!

That is all the sewing I have done.

No reports of anything new here in that department.

I do have my new assignments though and one is a blue snake… haha!

Statement overheard "Grandma is good! She can make anything!!"

Oh No! Well all I said was I would try!;-)


Hope to catch up on some blog reading soon.

I am sure everyone is in Christmas gift making, decorating, planning mode by now!

I look forward to seeing and reading all about it on your blogs!


Thanks so much for all the Thanksgiving wishes, also all the prayers and thoughts for me also.

Hope you forgive me as I just could not get online long then no time to sit and reply!

I hit the hay every night exhausted!

I feel blessed and honored that those of you who take the time to read and post to my blog even when I am not posting daily!

God bless you all!!



  1. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving even if it was exausting.

    Hope you health gets better soon.

  2. Great the family came...even greater when they leave.....
    Bill told me something today and brought back a memory..The time I left your list over a bad swap no one would believe she sent to me, he seen a girl walk in the store today with a cape on and in the center was a huge round hole as though it was cut out to make something else...too bad that happened but it sure did set well.....

  3. Love the stocking...glad you had a wonderful time!!

  4. Was unable to reach you via it returned. Email me (I think you have mine...if not, email through my blog profile page) so I can get in touch with you,okay? Will be out all night tonight so you won't hear back right away. Sorry you are still not feeling well.

  5. maybe you should forgo sewing or anything for like 2 days and recoup. get to feeling better....hugs

  6. Oh I HATE to hear that you're not feeling well. I do hope you get some answers from the doc and some relief!

    I am glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving with all the kiddies (big and little ones). I do believe the grandchild was right when he/she said you could make anything! Go Lola Go!

  7. Hope you are better soon, but glad that you had a good time with the grandkids. The stockings are just beautiful!

  8. Sounds like a fantastic week! My week was similar. It was fun to have everyone here, but it's a lot of work too! Rest up now and get to feeling better!

  9. That van is packed full of energy! What a wonderful time you must have had, but now you need to take care of yourself. Rest a bit and let us know what's going on.
    I'm still waiting on one set of blocks. They should arrive just a couple of days late. Saturday is my actual birthday and due date.

  10. Hi Lola,
    Boy you had a crew there! Glad you had fun and hope you start feeling better soon, just not right not being able to have tea or coffee!

  11. It is nice to have family and friends visit but it does that something out of you.

    Glad your feeling some better.

  12. So sorry that you haven't been feeling well. It is hard to fully enjoy everything going on when you have to push yourself so much, but you certainly did get a lot done. What a wonderful reputation you have, I'll bet you can make anything. Hope you are getting a little rest and feeling a bit better.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful and tiring holiday! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  14. I love your pics and your tree is very pretty in the picture. Your family is so nice to see. Have a good day.

  15. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving with family. Sorry you are still having problems. Hope you get appointment soon and this Doc helps you. The stockings are so pretty! Ran out today to finish my shopping...but didn't finish...tons left to wrap...need to unload those wrapped to another room to give me some space to work.


Luv hear'in from ya!!