Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shop 'n' Do

This fabric is beautiful!
There are 4 fat quarters.
Ava Rose by Tanya Whelan Grand Revival by Free Spirit.
I am using them for one of my Stitcher's Angel gifts.
Rose is the theme and these are perfect for my gal..;-)

I picked up this mag too.
Uh Oh... fell off my mag diet wagon!!!

DH and I also went to the new Barnes and Nobles!
I bought this one off the bargain rack ,DH bought a 'cook book'... ha!!
I collected more boxes so some serious sorting still going on in sewing room!
Made my list of HAVE TO GET DONE sewing projects which will happen this week .
I am getting excited!!!!
Once I get most stuff out of some cabinets they will be painted outside.
I have also made a list of what I really want and need frm this room then taking it from there as I sort, pack, give away and sale.
Okay off I go to get busy!
Today may be TUESDAY but it is really a MONDAY for me!!!!
Does that happen to you when we have these week holidays???
Oh well we deal!;-)


  1. Yes...I am thinking MOnday today, too. The FQ's are lovely. Waiting for people to come work on the ceilings in the house....no outside work the next few days (to put the vents in the roof, etc.) due to weather. Also....need to call the dealer today about my sewing machine....AGAIN.

  2. YES it DOES feel like Monday. So the week will fly by. Love your fat quarters. Hope you have a great week.

  3. You did great shopping!
    ENjoy working on your list of your projects!


  4. Holiday weeks always throw me off, much like Daylight Savings Time. Great fabric find. My husband nicknamed me Clearance Rack Dena because I love hitting the sale/clearance/bargain tables when I'm shopping. LOL

  5. I keep thinking it's Monday myself, but trying to get back in the swing of things!
    I love the fabric, it's beautiful! Also love your wallets, I'll have to try one once I get my other sewing projects done or at least started!

  6. You must have had a blast shopping. The fabric is lovely!

  7. hiya,
    where is the new B&N? I know they were remodeling the one in hampton. I was just at the greenbrair one last friday and I bought the same fons and porter issue as you! wish me luck, I have an interview with QVC wedsday am!
    (mauh) Liz

  8. I like your new header and layout.

  9. Feels like Monday to me, too. A slow-moving day for sure.

    Love the fat quarters - such pretty flowers. You'll have to show us what you make with them!

    I am dying (well, not literally) to dump this school work and the new course I'm taking and just sew. My daughter wants a Halloween costume and I promised her one, I've got two or three quilts on the go, and I want to make some Christmas gifts. Hey, can I quit my job? hehe

    Have fun checking off your list of "must finish" projects!

  10. Lovely, lovely fabrics. Your Stitcher's Angel recipient is one lucky lady. Ann :)


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