Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whew…another week about gone.

Did not get in any sewing time. ;-(
I did get my summer watermelon blocks trimmed up and placement decided!
I also picked out sashing fabric and have it ready to sew on.
After that I will decide borders.
Here is a couple pics of a swap I did last month on Jana's Sewing Group.
Birdy Tea Towel Swap. I sent out to 2 gals.
I made one set with red tones and one set with lime green .
Did a towel, potholder and heat pad.

Been one of those weeks! Did a lot but seems like nothing got done!
Ever been there??

I had a day Monday with Aunt Dot again…we ended up having to have her wedding ring cut off. ;-( Had to find a place to do it!!
Not from her being overweight but from her knuckles swollen from the arthritis.
Surgeon said had to come off before they can remove one of the bad C places on her hand, as it will swell.
They did do other biopsies and put a rush on one.
We go back this coming Monday for the hand surgery will be a 2 – 3 hour appt.
So will take a book, needlework and some water with snacks, no afternoon tea…;-)
Cross fingers/pray they have that rush bio result back and it is not what he is thinking!!
If it is that they can get to it early!!
So Tuesday well I was wore out from Monday.. ha!
I have lots of hats I wear around here so the one on Tuesday was bookkeeper/ accountant /bill payer!! Gives me a head ache..all these hats!! ;-)
Did get some wash done and cooked some stuff.
Wednesday got up very early but a tad stiff an went slow.
Did all the pet early morning stuff.
Decided to see how I would feel after meds and shower whether to proceed with my plans.
I decided to go on with them.
Was to see Liz at the new Harris Teeter Grand Opening in Harborview.
Sadly Liz was not feeling up to it and being she had to work the 3-11 best to stay home and rest up.
Great deals to be had!! Beautiful store too new and fresh.
I did great with the bargains and my coupons too!
We are loaded up on ice cream, big 10/15 ct Gulf shrimp, tilapia, coffee, crackers, melons, apples, yellow onions, cheese, bologna!!
Goodness loads of other stuff and then I won a piece of luggage!
Was hoping for the free grocery thing to come up on the receipt. Ha!!
Must say was very HOT and HUMID so had my cold bag full.
Came home unloaded and once again was wore out!
Did get a cake baked for DH to finish up for a dessert to take to office today.
Elbows, hands, back and knees are not happy with me today;-(
So will be a slow stay home rest up Thursday today.
Friday I go out for a sewing day at Deb’s.
Will keep it simple so need to decide today what I will take.
She has been working on her large strip quilt top so may just help her finish that.
Plus want to see Deb’s new redone area!!
Her DH took their huge master bathroom and made it into 3 new areas.
A nice but smaller master bath, guest bath and washer /dryer area.
She has had to go up and down steep stairs for years to basement to wash , not anymore!!!
Good for her!!!
Now if only some of that ‘get it done’ of her DH would rub off on mine…just that part. Haa!!!
I sure hope the ‘lazy maid’ shows up soon here!!
Maybe I need to RING her bell!! HA!!!!!!
I bet she can’t find her ‘hat’… !!!!
Oh yes we also have some fun visitors back ‘the hummers’.
Have some great pics!!
Also a very unique visitor that we get to see one very year!
Was thinking we had missed seeing any visit this year..NO!!
Will try to post pics tomorrow!
So just a chatty post this time!!
Thanks to all my followers and those that post comments!!
I try to respond to all but hard sometimes to stay caught up!!
Some folks are set to ‘no reply’ so no way to say thanks unless you have a blog.
Please know I truly appreciate you all so much!!
I do hope you will check out my Blog Roll for some neat blogs to visit and also the Blog List further down.
Sadly I cannot have too much graphics on my blog or would never load for me on this slow dial up!!!
There is some talk of making the broad band available here in the boonies but so far just talk!!
The satellite is such an investment of money up and contract up front!!
I just know as soon as we make that commitment the county will run the lines needed for broad band… ha!!!!
Oh well off on I go ,
slow as Mo,
do dah, do dah!
Oh Do Dah Day!!!


  1. Thanks for having me on your blog roll. I too appreciate all the comments and visits from folks out there. Thanks for the chat :-)

  2. Well you sound like your having a week like mine...been busy but never
    seems like I get nothing done...
    prayers for things to go well with the hand surgery...
    Love the tea set you posted earlier
    just adorable..gonna have to make me
    a couple of those pot holders too...
    Hope you have a great evening..

  3. Blessings for quick healing ... I am just now finishing up on all this house construction ... today painted. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. It sure sounds like you got a lot done to me!

    I do hope and pray that all goes well for your aunt!

    Your tea towels and potholders are so cute! I have fabric set aside to make a couple of your potholders for myself...I just need to find some time to make them!

  5. Lola, your swap gifts are so cute and something you can use is always a welcome. You've had a busy week, maybe this weekend you can sew. I hope your Aunt gets good new on test result and gets better.
    Keep Stitchen'

  6. Im sorry I didnt get to see ya wedsday :( once I get thru the grand opening crap I want us to have another sewin! gather your coupons! triple coupons for the next 3 weeks to celebrate the grand opening! (mauh) Liz


Luv hear'in from ya!!