Monday, June 29, 2009


Yes today is about green. No not $$$ or fabric…green beans!
Snaps as we call them here.
I got two batches canned.
One pan was ready to go but I still had to wash and snap the second pan.

Had to wash up jars, get all the lids ready , etc.
A job yes.. but well worth it .
I know what is on my snaps, how they were raised, processed and canned!
So no chance of a recall on my snaps!!;-)

Will pick more this evening.
May get enough for a batch of pints.
What I did today were in quart jars.

I love my pressure canner.
I have had it for close to 15 yrs now.
Wish I had got one sooner!!
I did have to do a learning curve on timing with the new gas cook top.
Went like a charm!!!
Whew!! I must say though I am TIRED!!!
By the way had a tomato sammie for lunch!!!!! YES!!


  1. I love snap beans...they are my favorite! If you have too many feel free to send some my way!

  2. They look YUMMY....and a tomato sandwich...LOVE them, too!

  3. Oh I love!!! green beans! I crave them this time of year. Steamed, with a little butter and salt. Heaven. You're making me hungry.

    And a tomato sandwich, too. Mmmmm.

  4. My word Lola, you have been a busy bee. Your vegies looks delicious. I bet they taste as good too. No parcel yet but will check the post office later this week. I'm excited about it as you make so many interesting things. Ann :)

  5. Yum! Those green beans look great and yummy! I have some I am going to freeze, as my time at home is very limited. But I love them canned the best.


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