Friday, June 26, 2009


Okay things here are still pretty much at 6's and 7's but we will get there!
Below is one of the things I made and sent to Jana in our swap!
This one is mine. Calling it a door hanger!
Such fun to pick out fabs and simple make! Nice and narrow .
Made some for Sewing Day also.

Next we have more squash from the garden. Think it is easing up now.
Heat got to one plant even with rain we have had went limp!
Yes that is a lemon in there too...silly me did not remove for pic!! ;-)

Here is some sliced fresh cukes I had for lunch!!
Better than chips with my tuna!! Yummo!

Last but not least is DH 1st raspberry crop from his new small bushes!!
Cute, sweet and such a pretty color!
There was some blackberries too but I ate them already!!! Ha!!


  1. Love your door hanger and the berries look YUMMY!!! (Sorry...but I'm not a squash person!!!)

  2. Door hanger is cute. Looks like your garden is a success!


Luv hear'in from ya!!