Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Thimbleberries Patterns..

A Complimentary Pattern from Thimbleberries!
A pretty neat way to have a wonderful flag napkin!!
Also check out the other nice free patterns there!
Love Thimbleberries!!

Update. Sept 19, 2015 Since the above post was posted this Thimbleberries page has been removed. The designer had retired. Well seems she is back again so here is a link to her new Create page and an apple runner pattern pdf free done load there. Check it out!
Thanks for those still visiting my blog since 2009!


  1. Thanks for the website. You don't hear much of Lynette Jensen anymore. I used to go to her website, but never saw any patterns. Debbie Mumm is another one that used to have lots of wonderful free patterns, but not anymore. Guess she sold all her patterns to the bigger companies. Very sad.

  2. Thank you so much for the link. Enjoyed your blog!

  3. How I wish you were in England. I love looking at your designs and patterns and actually own one of your books but, afraid I must admire from afar. Keep up the good work.


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