Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tea Cup Tuesday ...3 for 1....!

You get 3 tea items in one pic today!
This is a lovely little tea set I purchased in an antique/ vintage shop called Laura and Lucy’s in historic Smithfield Virginia.
Has been a few years now.
The pic really does not do it justice.
So delicate looking and the small dots are really thin china looks like seeds or rice.
When you hold them up in light you can see it coming through the dots just lovely.
Made by Tienshan Fine China from China, pattern called Rice Flower.
Do not know the age.
At Replacement LTD, they have the tea pot listed for 84.95US and the cups 21.99US each!!!
I did not pay that I can tell you but nice to have a value on them!!!
It really is fun to use the set for me.
I do afternoon tea for 'me' with the tea pot and one cup. ;-)

So go on over to Kim's Blog for a list of other blogs doing Tea Cup Tuesday!!


  1. Replacements.com will tell you the age of the china ... they have data on every piece available.

    Translucent china is so pretty, like Belleek, I love holding pieces up to the light.

    Pretty set ... TTFN ~ MArydon

  2. Wow, those "dots" are so unique, I have never heard of such a thing!

    Lovely set, thank you for sharing!

  3. What a pretty tea set. I love blue and white china, but I've never bought any for myself, at least not yet.. :-)

    It's so nice to hear that other ladies actually use their teapots and teacups just like I do. Just like you, I enjoy using my china for afternoon teas for "me" as well. No use in letting something so pretty just sit around collecting dust when they can actually be used and enjoyed on a regular basis.

  4. Love your tea set!!!
    I didn't snap a picture today of the teacup I planned on showing. Maybe I'll be a day late if not I'll save it for next week...

  5. Blue and white are always a lovely combination. Have you seen the teacup I posted on my blog. Not mine but definitely on the wish list.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  6. Teacup Tuesday! WHat a fun idea:) Great post!


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