Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teacup Tuesday

Here is a cute piece…a tea ball.
You use this for loose tea.
Un-screw top, put in your tea.
Then into your pot or cup.
After it has its own lil rest to sit on!!!
Mama and I got this on one of our many trips out.
Do not recall where but I do recall was not high dollar!!
I have others but this one is fun!!
Next I have two of these pretty cups. They were from my BFF Brenda.
She passed away in 2003 suddenly.
Brenda had purchased a set of these Churchill from England dishes at the
Williamsburg, VA. Pottery.
Did not like the cups, so smallish so gave them to me for my tea!!!
I treasure them more than if they were gold.
I think of my sweetie pal whenever I use one!
So that is my tea related post for Teacup Tuesday.
Go to Kim's Blog to check out a list of others posting today too!!

Spent all day Monday with Aunt Dot doing doc appts and pre-op stuff at hospital.
Long day I can tell you!
She has one more appt before her surgery Friday.
Going to be a long week!!
Lots to do today too. DH has his procedure early Wed.
So have to fix him all liquid ,light stuff for today .
Also have my bag ready to go with my water, book and stitching …;-)
So maybe I can catch up with stuff I need or want to do on Thur and Friday!
I am thinking will be more NEED than want as I will be behind on the home chores!!
I know my sewing area needs another clean and straightening up..yet again!
So as the wash is washing and or drying I can work on that.
Hope everyone passed a great Father’s Day weekend!!
We did!!! Had good food and good company!!!
No rain or storms!!
Maybe with some sun we will get a red tomato soon!!
These fresh cukes are yummy and the squash.
I am betting next week I will be canning some snaps!!!

Happy Summer ‘09 to everyone!!!


  1. Hope all goes well with all the medical stuff in your family this week. Cute tea ball and cups.

  2. You sure do have your hands full! I hope all goes well with the doctor's appointments and testing this week. I hope you can find a little "me time" along the way!

  3. Love the tea strainer thingie, how cute is that? Happy Teacup Tuesday!

    Hang in there with all the appointments!

  4. Hope all goes well with the doctor appts.

  5. Love yout tea ball and how nice to have a treasure from your best friend. Hopefully all your medical stuff goes well for you.

  6. I'm so glad you were able to get your Teacup Tuesday post done for today. Love your little tea ball that is shaped like a teapot. I have one just like it, but I only use mine for display. I find that mesh ones actually work better when brewing loose teas.

    Sounds like you have a very busy week ahead. I hope all goes well and that you won't be too stressed.

    Take care..

  7. I love the church hill cups. I have often wished I had a couple of cups in that pattern! You sound very busy, hope all goes well.


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