Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm good....!!
I am over my 'woe is me' day!!
Thanks in part to so many wonderful supportive bloggy folks!!
Don't ya just love this great blog world we have all created?!?!
Folks to inspire ya, lift you up when down, send a good vibe or prayer your way!
Plenty of ATTA GALS and pats on the back !!! Awesome!!
Thanks to all the commenter's and the private emails!!
Hugs all around!!
I hope to say THANKS in a better way soon...(Can we all say GIVE AWAY) so please be sure to peek in everyday!!;-)
Sometimes things can just seem so over whelming until you break them down into parts...doable parts.
All my Un-Sewing is done.
New plan in place that it a better design anyway.
No rushing though.
I cannot figure out WHY I put a rush on things..not like I have a BIG BOSS to report too ...just myself.
Yes we are are own worse critics and really need to cut ourselves a break once in awhile...;-)
I am in another swap.
Called a Qt of Patriotism.
You fill up a quart bag with red, white and blue goodies.
I have received mine from Jana!
Is this not a neat idea...a car litter bag or use in sewing area!!

Love it!!!

Plus all these other red, white and blue goodies!
I can not share what I have made till she receives her bag of goodies.
I will just say I have been making a few of one of the goodies and will be sharing them soon.. ( Can we all say GIVE AWAY).;-)

Weekend has been a tad wet here.
Loads of of rain!!
DH and I lucked out though .
We managed to go do the shopping, get home and unload our goods, take out the pup to do her biz before the major down pour!!
I curled up with the Spring/Summer issue of the 20th issue of the Quilt Sampler Magazine.
Sure wish I could visit all the shops featured but alas only can with the mag or online!
One in Burnsville, NC is
If only it was not in those Black Mountains!!
Love the look and lay out of the shop and all the fabric choices.
It is in Windsor, Co so pretty sure I will not ever be able to visit in person.
Oh my word the wonderful wools they have!!!
Love the folk art look to their offerings!!
One in North Bay, Ontario is located in an old unique store.
I wish I could come up for a nice browse about!
Now this one in Belpre, Ohio is a combo fabric/gifts/pottery/candy/ etc.... Country Store!
I am sure I could spend some time and $$ in this one as well!!!!
Now all these shops also have designs in the mag too .
I will be/want to... do a version of each one some day!!!
So go look for the mag if you do not have it yet.
You can also check out some of the shops online at:


  1. So glad that you are feeling better! Yes the blogger world is certainly something to behold. Great fellowship and encouragement. And wonderful creativity that just does not seem to stop. Keep on keeping on :-)

  2. Glad you are feeling more "chipper" now! I am sick of this rain, too....what the HECK is going on with the weather lately? Last night we had a tornado WARNING where they were telling people to seek shelter. That is NOT normal weather for southern Delaware and I'm wishing for it go back to normal.....NOW. *sigh*

  3. Hello Lola!
    After out beautiful day yesterday, we'e getting rain today. I wondered if you sent it my way...? Oh well, it's good for the garden, which is growing nicely... so far.

    Glad to hear you got all your 'unsewing' done and are now on your way to doing some actual creating. And good point about the BIG BOSS. I have no deadlines for sewing either (but lots at work), yet I continually put pressure on myself to finish projects and sometimes rush through them. I wonder why?

  4. glad you are feeling better! what a great swap! and I love that magazine!

  5. Glad you are feeling better. I subscribe to that fabulous magazine.

  6. Glad that you are feeling better Lola! That swap is wonderful, and boy did you receive wonderful goodies.


Luv hear'in from ya!!