Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wed ramblins...

Monday was tiresome to say the least.
Hard to think you can get wore out just sitting and waiting .
We did not get back home till 5:30 PM!!
Poor Aunt Dot wore out.
Doc cut pretty deep in her hand and had to go back in 2 times.
They had a bleeding problem.
Ended up putting a stitch in the vein to stop it.
She was very slow yesterday. Poor sweet old thing.
Makes me sad she is going through all this.
She worked so hard her whole life on this farm.
The one on her face is BAD. Very bad.
All we can do is pray it has not spread too bad.
Doc said though by the time you SEE it.. it has.
Waiting on 2 more tests called stains.
Then he will call with how we will proceed.
Will be surgery and radiation for sure.
My DH picked more squash from our garden, another batch of salad greens.
I cooked those and had the squash later with some broiled fish.
Already ate a couple sweet banana peppers too!!!
The tomatoes are loaded and they are getting bigger everyday!!!
I so look forward to that first fresh one from the garden for a Tomato Sammie!!!!
We also have fresh SC watermelon and cantaloupe cut up in fridge!!
Best part of summer to me is the fresh food!!
I do not like it when it gets too hot and humid.
Over 90 then we get bad thunder & lightening storms in the afternoon!!!
So yes got a big one Tuesday evening!!
Knocked power out for a long time!
Did cool down though big time.
I worked on the watermelon top some.
I ended up having to do other chores so not much sewing got done.
Nothing finished to share.
So why not another blast from the past …;-)
Here is a few ruffled totes I have made in the past.
Have more will share some other time.

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  1. Love your totes. I hope things work out well for your Aunt Dot, too. Summer fruits are the best, aren't they? Soon we get very local watermelons and cantalope and they are super-terrific!!!

  2. Fresh anything from the garden makes summer so much more refreshing & enjoyable ... but don't forget the potato salad to go with it, always!

    YOUR TOTES are FANTASIC!! Lovely creations. TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Love your totes! I love your fabric choices. They are so frilly and girly :-)

  4. Your totes are lovely! I love making bags too.Great job!

  5. Your poor aunt! Prayers for a fast full recovery for her. I remember going through the same thing with my grandpa. He was a farmer all of his life too.

    I agree with you about the summer foods! Just give me a fruit plate for lunch and a salad and corn on the cob for dinner! Mmmm!

    Your totes are so cute and unique! I've never seen them with the ruffled edge on the top.

  6. Sending healing vibes to Aunt Dot. I'm with you home grown tomatoes are unbeatable. Fresh bread and butter. Scrumptious! Your ruffled totes are delightful. Was it an easy pattern to make?

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  7. prayers for aunt dot! adorable totes! finally settling in at work, came close to quiting a couple of times, it is getting better! keep up the great work on the totes!(mauh) Liz

  8. Prayers for your Aunt and a big hug too!

    I have to tell you about "Sammies", a fun story. When I was growing up my mom would make a sandwich on one piece of bread, then fold it over, she would say, let's punch it over like this, so they were called Punched Over Sammies.

    When we chose the name Samantha for our daughter, of course she got called Sam or Sammie, and we had to stop using the expression Punched Over Sammies cuz it might make people wonder?

    Thanks for bringing up a nice memory!


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