Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Lil' Teacup

I know nothing about this small one. Was in MIL’s hutch.
Sis-IL was going to send to thrift and I said NO..I will take it.;-)
Has a blue dainty flower painted on cup which is trimmed with gold.
Saucer is white porcelain trimmed in gold also.
Bottom reads:
Made exclusively for Houbigant in Japan.

Go on over to Kim’s blog to see the list of others she has invited to play ‘Teacup Tuesday’.
Rain..lots of rain has been falling here.
Hope plants are soaking it up to hold on to for when we get nada and it is hot and dry!
Hummers are feeding on the tree blooms now so not putting out as much feed as before.
Wheat is all golden so look for them to be cutting it soon.
Our garden is coming along too.
DH said he will need to pick snaps/green beans after work tonight.
We have been picking radishes, salad greens and squash along and eating...yummy.
Now add the fresh snaps/green beans. ;-)
Those tomatoes keep getting bigger!!
I was tempted to pick a couple for Fried Green Tomatoes but will wait till we get ripe ones first...;-)


  1. We got a cherry tomato on the weekend....and lots of green ones here, too. If we could get some steady sunshine, maybe they would start to ripen. *sigh*

  2. This is a demitasse mij (made in japan) teacup. When you have any questions or want history on china go to replacementsltd.com. Pretty little piece. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. What a sweet little teacup. Glad that you saved it from being discarded.

  4. Happy Teacup Tuesday! That is such a little cutie!

  5. Pretty teacup, love the colors!

  6. Hi Lola,
    I enjoyed reading your blog, especially your sewing posts. Thanks.

  7. I just found the best quilt shop!! It’s in Leavenworth Kansas but they have a fantastic webstore too. Check out Quilters Quarters, Inc. at www.quiltersqtrs.com! Great blocks of the month like “The Girl I Left Behind Me” and even a contest for a $10,000 sewing room make over!

  8. Beautiful little teacup. Looks lovely.

  9. I really like this teacup with the delicate flower.

  10. What a lovely little teacup. I love the shade of blue in the flower and the little dash of yellow too.

  11. Sweet tea cup! Life is short. I can't wait until the end of the growing season for fried green tomatoes!!!

  12. What a pretty teacup! Glad you kept it and didn't let s-i-l send it to thrift store


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