Friday, June 12, 2009


I wasted time, thread , energy and now I feel wasted too!
WHY??? Because I did not listen to my inner voice or as some say MY GUT!
Nooooo....... I had to go ahead and screw up!!
So here I sit taking a break from 'unsewing' my project!
I was doomed from the get go!
I did not have enough of the press on batting I like to use so decided to go with another.
Pinned and pinned and pinned.
Then to machine… as I sewed I KNEW it was not working!!
Did I STOP…why heck no… STUPID!!!
I had perfect binding for a change but off it is now!
I am picking out all the thread and will do all over!!

I am not being anal either...really. It was just not working for me. I will not toss it in a box as is either. Has to be done and done better!!
I sure wish I could be as near perfect at my efforts as I see others are on many a blog.
Oh well we all mess up from time to time…right???
Please tell me you do too!!!!


  1. Gosh...don't be so hard on yourself. I am sure many of us have had projects that got "messed up" and, probably, we didn't even work on salvaging them like you are!

  2. Go get a cup of tea! IF I told you about all my ATTEMPTS to sew & Mother yelling at me to 'get the RIPPER!!', you'd be in hysterics & feeling a lot better about yourself. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. remind me not to make you mad and to hide my gun if'n I do! we all make huge boo-boos! lord knows I have with my quilting and sometimes when I teach a class! (mauh) Liz
    P.S. word verification for blogger was MENDEDMA.....a hint maybe?

  4. You know we are generally our toughest critics. You are not alone I'm sure there are many of us who have ignored our inner voice. I don't ever remember a time that I didn't regret it. Breathe walk away for a little while and things will look better upon your return...Remember this is all relative there are a lot worse things going on out there....

  5. Oh come on, surely it wasn't that bad? I have several items I've messed up on and just tossed in a pile. I haven't even bothered to pick out thread and fix. Ah well, maybe I will one day.

  6. I have unsewn many a projects over the years. I am not a quilter at this point but I do all other crafts. I think it is part of the learning to have to tear out.

    Good luck this time.

  7. You know, that press on batting was my downfall several plus years ago. I was making a baseball themed quilt for my son for Christmas. It became a mess when I was over halfway through quilting it. My dear hubby sat up all night with me picking out stitches so I could start over. My son's comment when he opened it? It needs to be bigger, Mom.

  8. Who is perfect?? I think we all mess up. But I agree, if your gut tells you it isn't working....... go with your gut :-)

  9. I love the part about pressing on even when you KNOW it is a mistake. I have also experienced this: isn't it frustrating?

  10. Yes, I mess up, and often. It goes with the territory. Creating is not easy or everyone would be able to be a fabric artist. Hang in there and the undoing will go fast and then you know just how to do it the way you want!

  11. We all mess up sometimes and when we do, it is usually a whopper of a mistake. That goes with the territory! Don't worry about it! Next time, will be a breeze!

  12. Unsewing is the pits, but if it has to be done it has to be done. Hugs!!! hope you get it done soon

  13. I recently unpicked a whole border of quilting because the design was just awful. At least I thought so. Usually i think about the design for a while but on this occasion I just breenged in. Will try not to make that mistake again. Chalk it up to experience.

    Ann :)


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