Thursday, April 10, 2008

Woe is me....

Well now yesterday was not as productive as I had planned.
While preparing our supper, early ...veggie & beef soup...I cut my finger.
Yes sadly did a dumb thing ...well kinda/sorta...put my hand out to catch a falling KNIFE..yes seems brain was not all in gear, was more a reflex thing.
Not as bad as it feels . Small, clean cut, no jags, DH keeps all the knives here very sharp.
Was a bleeder though ...finally got it stopped with tight bandage.
Sore now I mean to tell ya!
Woe is me.... woe is me..;-(

Here is pic of the sewing projects under way. Maybe can pick up later today .
Going grocery shopp'in with Aunt Dot this morning as today is Senior discount day at a local market.
Same market that gives ya 5 cents off for every 'green bag' you use...;-)

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