Sunday, April 6, 2008

Makin a Mess

Is it just me or is everyone else as MESSY as I am when I get to doing something!!
Be it paper, fabric, dirt and pots or COOKIN!
I am sure it is NOT everyone as there are these folks who are SOOOO good at never makin messes.
As you can see I will never be in that category!
Now this mess came from makin just one pot of soup.
I had already cleaned up from the first part of it, this is just adding the cabbage!!
At least I do clean as I go ..... most of the time!!
Picture if you will me preparing a meal for 12 or more !! Ha!!!!
Scarey ain't it!!!
Well it happens ....I will spread it out though over the few days till serving time ....;-)
Plenty of time to make a few cookin messes and cleanin 'em up.
So only YOU an I will know that I really am a messy person!!!

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