Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today in a WHIRL...

Whew! All the house chores and laundry are done.
I am finishing up an early lunch, then off to market!
Back home to do DH his fav comfort meal.
I will be ready to hit the hay very early tonight with DH.
Very wore out! Hope sleep will come easy.
Good thing as we have to BOTH be up early , get ready and be at hospital at 7:45 AM!!!
Dr. Payne is to begin procedure at 9:45 AM.
No idea when we will be back home.
It is about 45 min trip there but I am sure coming home will be slow.
I am packin a nice KEEP LOLA BUSY AND NOT WORRYING BAG...;-).
Have my book, snacks, water and some needlework.
Thanks to all for the thoughtful encouraging emails and prayers for us!!


  1. Miz Lola...your blog is looking great! I took my ham bone bag grocery shoppin' and I was the hit of the store! : ) Mel

  2. Haaa so happy to hear this Mel!!!!


Luv hear'in from ya!!