Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rise and Shine

We can do more then we THINK we can..... as long as we THINK we can!

I tell ya old Anonymous is a wise person.
I play mind games with myself all the time to get motivated or just to get done in a day what needs doing!!

Sadly yes I am not like I used to be..up early ,rise and shine an they say.
I would pop out of bed to greet the day as a bright shinny new one... new start!
Oh yeah those were the days.
Now it is crawl outta bed drag myself to coffee to jump start my body!!
Then maybe by noonish I may be ready to go.
I know so sad.
Hey I like to think I may have burnt myself out all those years of rising and shining!!
Oh well I think I can go get in shower and think I can go do what needs doing today...think I can.... think I can.........

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Rise and shine
Get out of bed and prepare for work.
The earliest use of 'rise and shine' in print are references to the sun, as in this example from Maryland paper The Torch Light And Public Advertiser, February 1824:
Courage, child of Washington,Though thy fate disastrous stems,We have seen the setting sunRise and shine with brighter beams.

We don't get the phrase from such straightforward literal uses, but from its use as a wake up call for soldiers. In that context 'rise' just means 'rouse yourself' and 'shine' derives from the shining of boots that soldiers were expected to do each morning. When used in the British Army 'rise and shine' was, and still is, preceded by 'wakey-wakey'. The naval equivalent is "shake a leg". The term may not have originated in the British Army though - the first citation of its use that I can find is from America. That's in the 1916 U.S. Marine Corps Recruiters' Bulletin:
"He rapped at the door and in stentorian tones cried,'‘Rise and shine... Wiggle a toe.'"

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  1. Oh man Lola, you and me both...........but sadly since I must deliver at least one if not two little boys to school Mon-Frd, I have no choice but to rise, but nothing says I have to shine......tee hee........


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