Monday, April 7, 2008

Sewing and Birthday Gifts

Well since this is a '....and sew on' blog need to show more of the 'sew' of it less of the 'on' ...ha!
I made some pretty lavender sachets, so sweet, made for a BD gift so wanted to wait to post till after gift was received.
I used reg cotton fabrics, added old vintage jewelry , old pearls, etc, lace and trims, smell lovely!
Shame to hid them away in drawers.. ha!!!

I also made a lil bag, goes together easily and fast... used the wooden handles this time and love that look.
Nice crisp Spring like fabbie... sort of conservative for the birthday gal!! Ha!!
Has a pocket on outside an one inside too, nice firm bag, used heavier lining.

Now this week have more to work on and finish up....GOT to get busy!!!!!
Some I can show, some I can't till after the gifts arrive to their recipients! You know who you are!!Ha!!
I do love doing pressies for my family an sweet pals...;-)
Wishing all a Happy Day!!!


  1. oooooooooLola, I LOVE those girly and your niece was all excited to get them......and the purse...nice purse too......

  2. Thanks Mary E..yes D seemed to be happy with them..;-)
    Thanks for posting!!


Luv hear'in from ya!!