Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cold Snap Here...Again

Well now seems our Spring weather has decided to leave and Winter is back!!!
At least no snow came back with it as some in other places have.
We have such cold temps for this time of year compared to a week ago, was some 80's days.
Down in 30's at night and early morn, high only 50ish!!!! North wind blowing today too.

Heaters just keep click'in on and $$ just keeps pouring out to the elec/gas company!!
Of course this is AFTER I took the pineapple plant out and the hibiscus, along with the spider hangers.
Just on porch mind you but still I am sure was a super shock to their systems to get so cold in a few days!!
Not much sun yesterday so maybe more today.
Suppose to warm up as week goes on. Will it really..hummm.
Just last Sat we were at the garden centers and nursery lookin at plants!
Was thinking what annuals I wanted in the side beds and pots.
Just can't quite bring myself to garden in 'long johns'.......well yes for me I would have to wear them, so very cold! ;-)

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