Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Country Hams

Today I am writing about hams as in the HAM BONE BAGS...;-)

These ham bags are from old fashioned style Country Smoke Dry Cured Hams.
Seems some are not too familiar with these kinds of hams.
So maybe this will enlighten you some what , but I am no expert.
They are put in salt then smoked to cure, some places use sugar more in Tennessee.
They are not put in refrigerators.

Can read about it here :

So not a fresh ham you see in most grocery stores.
All gourmet stores will have some form of them. Look for some to be sliced in deli's also.
The most famous ones around here are the Smithfield Hams.
Paula Deen and Emeril Lagasse love these hams.

Paula Deen is now spokes person for Smithfield Foods.

These bags are from 2 Felt's Hams from Ivor, in South Hampton County.

We buy them locally here.

Red Eyes are good ones to

Edwards out of Surry County are too.

We used to only have ones from the Wells Farm smoke house .
Alas no more hogs on farm, which is sold anyway and Aunt Dot stopped doing the hams a long time ago.
Sure miss those, as we feel none of the ones we buy ever quite capture that flavor.
That being said these are a good yummy second!

We have to soak them 24 hrs then cook..below.

I have a ham cooker/boiler I prepare them in...below.

Some use the oven method but I do it the old time way and feel they are better and not as dry.
We only fix one about twice a year...Christmas and Easter.
Slap a pc on to a hot home made biscuit with some butter...LOOOOORD MAMA!
Not something you NEED a lot of but so worth it!
Ham Biscuits are a tradition here , always on the party buffet or special occasions.
Along with fresh peanuts , fried or roasted.
Make up some good corn puddin from fresh Silver Queen corn, bake up some sweet taters, sliced ham, biscuits hot out of oven...wooo doggies ya got a true southern Virginia meal...sweet ice tea of course and fig preserves for the 'desert biscuit'.

Darn I am hungry now..humm ...leftover ham with a scrambled egg would make a mighty fine lunch... see ya!


  1. Thanks for all the great info on the hams. Maybe I haven't seen them as we don't have smokehouses least not any I am aware of.

  2. Well Wal-Mart has Country Hams..;-)
    You look and you will see them.

  3. I just found your blog, grew up in Mathews, have lived in NN last 30+ years. Nothing better than a REAL Smithfield Ham. A man my dh worked with told us about either his or his wife's cousin who cured his own hams. Now that is all we buy...Darden's over in Smithfield.


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