Friday, April 18, 2008

Apron Dress/Apron

Here is a sweet little project I did a while back.
I do love toile and so made this from some left over I had.
The color is the dark red I like.
Called an Oven Dress/ Apron.

You use the towel bottom to wipe your hands on.
I also made these pot holders to go with it.
I need more so will do some one day.
I also made a couple sets as gifts .
They were well received.

Here is where to get some basic instructions and pattern free for the oven dress.

You can use whatever trims and fabric you wish to make them "YOU"..;-)

I used a nice hand towel, not kitchen one, that I caught on sale at dept store.

Seems to hold up better.

When I master the art of making a tuturial...will show you how to do the pot holders my way...easy !
Stay tuned!!

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