Thursday, February 7, 2008


I been busy!! I have got some sort of energy boost. I am riding this high and getting some house stuff done.
Yes the dreaded CLEANING and straightening up stuff.
More of this I get out of the way... more time I have to PLAY!
Maybe it is from this horrid wind we are having... had for a couple days now!
Yesterday I was a whirl wind...not whirling too high today but still steppin high...;-)

We did not get the storms we were to receive last night.
I am glad. Our VA western Mts seem to break up this stuff and for that I am happy.
Got reports in from all my special peeps in those horrid storms paths and they are all okay just a tad property damage for one. Thank goodness. Was worrying a lot!

Now was 80 degrees yesterday too... we broke records but the wind was awful and could not stay out in it to do outside stuff.
Did have to keep chasing that trash can down!!!
Today is the beginning of the cold back again , still have some wind.
Sun is out though and that is a god thing.
I do so much better on SUNNY days then Dark Gray ones!!!

After lunch I have a toile runner I want to get the patch work sewn on.
Love to make runners and use them all over my home.
I also need to pick out some gifts to sew up.
Loads of BIRTHDAYS this month.
Will post pics when I get some things finished.
If any one has any ideas or links to share for gift sewing please post a comment!!

Hope every one has a great day today and stays busy!!!
Toodles till later!!!

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