Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jeepers Creepers where'd ya get those peepers....

...where'd ya get them eyes!!!
My father used to whistle this too me when I was little.
I wonder how he would have felt about them if he had been able to read this article.
Very interesting to say the least.

I looked for a good pic of me and my eyes could not find one.
Any way they are a blue dark sort of.
Darker then my Mama's . Always felt like they were brown eyes wanna be's...;-)
My father had dark brown eyes and my brothers as well.
Hair color in our family was tow head blonds and red/blonds, like me.

Well I married a red head first time with blue eyes and our child has that look as well, though her eyes may be mine.
My second marriage (and present one for over 30 yrs,) to a dark hazel brown eyed fella with black brown hair produced a dark blond haired child with the same brown hazel eyes.
I feel like I can see 'myself' in both these children, and hope the grands also have a lil of Grammy in 'em too!

I was dusting the other day and looked at my one picture of my maternal Grandfather and noticed his eyes and his really look like mine some.
Of course this was one of those old painted portraits.
I am thinkin I may have got these eyes from both sides of my parents!! My paternal side has a lot of German and English going on.
I also noticed my son looks like his Great Grandfather a lot!!
WOW! See he also looks like his Dad...hummmm ya think maybe family history will reveal DH and I are related????? Ha!!

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  1. Y'all could be related somewhere along the way, but at least you aren't 1st cousins!!!


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