Friday, February 15, 2008

Day after....

Well today back to reality. The day of love , roses and chocolate is behind us again for another year...ha!!!
My dessert did not come out just like the pic on the Food Network web site but was yummy.

Had a battle to get the choc hearts done. Seems my bottle of ice cream toppin was OLD and had been in pantry too long.
Had separated ...I shook and shook and shook it as they said. Well when I squeezed it all the oil stuff seems to have come out, which left only very think choc type stuff in bottle. WEEEEELLL.. after several attempts at the hearts the recipe way I came up with my own.
Squeezed out the remaining choc on the parchment paper lined cooled cookie sheet, spread it with a spreading knife put in freezer.
Took out and used a smaller heart cookie cutter...took a couple tries to get them perfect with out breaking!!!
Ended up with 3 an 3/4 ones, as the bottom broke off one but figured could use it stuck in as no one would see the bottom...haa!
Well let me tell ya this stuff melts quickly, messy, so only fiddle with them as you need to and right before serving!!
My honey was impressed anyway and I got those oh so important hugs n kisses!!!;-)

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