Friday, February 22, 2008

One of my favs at quilt show

Is she not the best!!!!This is not a PAINTED one...some fabrics were hand-dyed.
I do not have the artist's name though!!! We did not pick up our paper work when we left!!!!!!
Was a LONG much to see an so much to WANT.!!!!!!
I am thinkin was more then last year ..this show is just getting bigger.
Did not see any online acquaintances yesterday but then some were not to be there till today anyway.
I am keepin on my bracelet just incase we get back over there before Sunday evening. Ha!!

Did some shopping for a few things, just wish I had one of those magic know one you open and always has just the right amount $$$ in it for what you want! HA!!

Lovely fabrics, patterns, books, trims...oh my so much stuff !!!

I will share pics along as I get them resized and put up..;-)
Took pics of ones I liked and some with techniques I found interesting.
Some will blow you away , such attention to detail. My camera may not have picked up on a lot from having to resize though!
Also the BIG WINNER...which is an awesome one one for sure and on the more traditional side.
Stay tuned!!!

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