Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Hope you all receive your hearts desires today!

We woke up to cold wind and snow.
Temps are to rise to 40's today we have sunshine now too.
Think there may be just a few areas on over passes or bridges with ice on them.
We have been lucky so far this winter with not a lot of winter mess, hope our luck keeps holding!!

I will get busy here in a little while doing my sweetie's chocolate dessert!!!
Using a recipe from Semi-Homemade host, Sandra Lee, Chocolate Orange Mousse.,1977,FOOD_9936_119745,00.html
Simple enough but looks so luscious!!
I am going to garnish with an orange peel strip or orange slice though...;-)
Will be doing my hearts here in a bit an into freezer!

As for supper will be doing a kielbasa/cabbage dish as that is what he has been wanting.
Not real fancy but yummy to the tummy!!
Doing corn muffins along with that.
Got to save room for the dessert ya know! Ha!!

I had a sweet lovely Valentine propped against my coffee cup this AM from DH.
So sweet and mushy! LOVED IT!
Have it on the mantle now along with the one I gave him!!
I do adore him and nice to know he feels the same way!!!;-)

I have sent out email Valentines to all my sweeties!!
Hope they all get them and it makes their day a little brighter knowing I am thinking of them!!!!

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