Friday, February 8, 2008

Last day of the work week... is the last day of the 'official' work week.
Humm that must mean I get to keep doing all I normally do in a day but with DH's company and instruction.
Haa... no harm meant at all . I love my man very much and would not trade him for another model but at times....well we all have those don't we.
I am sure he feels the same about me...well once in a while. ha!!

I am lucky in many ways with my fella.
He is a great baker, grills like mad and can cook a great dessert or main meal or two.
Now this can be a good thing or not..depends on how much I may weigh at the given moment.
As of now I weigh too much to enjoy too much of his wonderful kitchen shenanigans!
Does this stop him. Why Heck No!!
I call him my enabler!!! Do I mind Heck No! Ha!!
Last weekend was cinnamon rolls. Grilled rib eyes with twice baked taters.
I can only imagine what he has on his menu this weekend.
I know it will not be good for my 'form' but OHHHHH SOOO GOOD for my taste buds!
So what if I have to waddle for a while longer...will just try to watch what I eat all week long so I can enjoy his efforts on the weekend!
I am thinkin crab cakes or scallops along with a cherry pie..... I bet it is...;-)

Enjoy your weekend and will catch ya back here on Monday!!

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  1. My hubby and I have been married for 22 years and we both enjoy cooking and baking. I am fortunate to have a great man too!


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