Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mid Atlantic Quilt Show

Mancuso Show ManagementPresents
Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XIX
February 21 – 24, 2008All under one roof at theHampton Roads Convention CenterHampton, VirginiaGreater Chesapeake Bay / Williamsburg Area

I am looking forward to going this coming Thursday. I have always enjoyed the show but like it so much better since the move to Hampton.
I don't have to go as far an it is all in one place instead of spread out all over Williamsburg as it used to 'feel'!!
Not taking any classes so really just going to see the beautiful art pieces an of course to SHOP at the venders mall.
Get to be able to find and purchase things would normally only see in magazines or online so that makes it nice... new fabrics, machines, tools patterns.
Be in a huge area with other fabric fools... ha!!!
Now sometimes at certain booths the lines get long but you always have such good chats with those around you and seems like that you know each other even if strangers!! It is that common bond of fabric and threads !!! The smell of NEW FABRICS is in the air intoxicating for sure to us addicted 'fabralcoholics'!!
Every once in a while you will hear a squeal of delight as some one finds that very special piece of fabric or one that they thought was no longer available!!!
Sometimes it is me!!! ;-)

Looking at the entries in the show is another sensory over load into itself! Check some out from 2007 here at the this web shots page.

The ways some can manipulate fabric and thread is extraordinary. I may not be into the arty show quilts myself as a quilter/sewist but I do love lookin at them and if some one wanted to gift me with with one to hang in my home..YESSSS I would take it !! Now there are some traditional quilter who do not think of these as quilts but hey to each his own. Does seem to be more of these quilts in this show versus more the more traditional ones. You also have your ALL HAND DONE crowd that will not even consider a machine made quilt a true quilt and on other side the true artist with the machines . What those long armers can do is amazing to me, let alone someone on a regular sewing machine!! Me well I love it all!!
I feel that if all my Great Great Grams, Great Grams and Grams was here they too woud use whatever up to date tools that she could afford.
I treasue the quilts they made by hand and also the ones they made on the treadle machine as well!!

I am not on the same talent level of the show quilters or my Grands but I hope I can produce some things that will be around for my great grands... be it a table runner or baby quilt that they can be proud to say I did way back when.

This may be my post for this week as I have a full memo pad of things to do up till Thurs when I will drive to town , meet my niece who is joining me for the show.
I do hope she will enjoy it as well. She is a cross stitcher, of great talent I must say, so I am sure she will find SOMETHING there too!!!

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