Monday, February 11, 2008

Cherry Pie Sunday and today....

This is a late post today. Has been a long and busy one for me.
Took an elderly Aunt to doctor appt and other errands today.
Will have a repeat tomorrow, eye doc appt as well as voting in our states primary.
Just be getting out even earlier then today.
We hope to be able to get hair cuts while we are out too so that is a plus!!
Will get in my provisions for my sweeties Valentine's Day meal too.
I hope to get a card made Wed for DH.
Wed is also our baby boys BD..he will be 31!! YIKES!!! Well I was/am a 'young' mother....haaaa!!!
I always said that he was his Dad's Valentine gift for the rest of his life. ;-)

Well Sunday's meals were very good as I knew they would be.
Was off on the crab cakes but hit the cherry pie!!!
We did have crab though.
DH did Crab Hush Puppies, loosely based on a Paula Dean recipe .
YUMMMY big time so good with baked FF and Cole slaw.
That was lunch, for supper he had omelets with loads of goodies in them!
I tell you I wake up on Monday thinkin I don't need to eat for a week!!

I made chix soup today when I got home.
Too cold for anything else.
It too was good. Just put it together no recipe.
I need to pay attention to what I do and write down.
DH is always after me about that.

Wind yesterday here was super bad.
Have some bush fires still burning , can still smell smoke.
Seems the whole state had these problems some lost homes so sad.
We had our chimney cover blow off. Sounded like the chimney fell ...such a thud!!
Just knew the TV antenna or sat dish would go too but didn't.
We had power blink but did not go off. Some in other areas did and some are still with out power.
Mess in yard with limbs and tin off shed roof.
I sat and watched shingles blow off a neighbors home!!
You could not stand it out there was so bad.
The howling was awful coming in the chimney and vent fan over stove.
Thankful our damage was really minor compared to some.

Well I am off to my comfy bed and sweet dreams ..I hope.

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