Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Super Tuesday!!

Humm... super they say ...well it ain't round here!! No super here for sure. I am pooped!
Was a busy weekend . Had grocery shopping on Saturday. Man is that getting more and more like a race at Indy with very crowded tracks and rude drivers of those huge carts we now have to maneuver around!!
I shop with coupons as I am not so wealthy I don't have to save where I can. Well heaven forbid I stay in place too long comparing prices with a coupon!
NO... you better move along all us other folks are in a hurry , like I am not! Geeze!
All in all I feel like I have worked a 12 hr day or ran a marathon when I get back home but then have to unload and put away!!

I had hung out some sheets online to dry as weather was so nice before I left. Well those birds my DH loves to feed decided they were there for other purposes!!!
YES.. had to be done over! UGH!! So much for that fresh hung outside smell and feel!!!! Haa!
So why can't they eat here and do the mess somewhere else like the dogs do.
Yes neighbors dog eats at home but comes here to do his biz!!

Sunday was busy in house. Got my dining room all the way back finally from holidays. Ha!!
All the plants lined up back at window, we should have nice clean air in here!!
The peace lilies are blooming like crazy and love that spot of low filtered light.
Got kitchen counters and farm work table back in order...please oh please let me keep them that way I beg !!!
We had a nice dinner even though DH's shoulder is still acting up.
Did steak on the grill was yummy!!

Did not do Super Bowl..humm another Super!
Just not into it as some are.
I am sure there were happy folks and unhappy folks over that one.
Some with new TV's some still with old ones ....;-)

Monday was another busy day with doing the bill paying bank thing with a slow connection and pages that refused to load at all! UGH.
This too can make ya feel like ya worked the 12 day of hard labor!;-)
Love to get done though and not have to think about till next time.
Feel free!!! Ha!!
We had fish for supper. Was yummy too.
DH stayed in with heat on his shoulder taking meds.
He made Doc appt finally for Friday.
So hope we find out what it is and if can be fixed or has to just be dealt with.
Got lots done too but was very tired when came around to 7 last night!!

Brings us to Super Tuesday today...ha!!!
DH went into office so hope he does okay with that as the one armed bandit!
I think I will just do what NEEDS to be done today and try to recoup from last 3 days. Ha!!!
I am hoping to find a special BD gift online for our oldest grandson, he will be 12 on 27 th.
Feb is a VERY BUSY birthday month for this family we have 10 of 'em!!!!
Most are just card ones...which we send cards only .
Then there are 4 that receive gifts of something be it a toy , homemade gift or a meal!
So I do have my agenda for Feb....BIRTHDAYS!!!!
Hope to share some items from my sewing machine soon...I know you all are wondering when the SEW of..... 'and SEW On' will show up....;-)
Soon my Dears.... soon!!!

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