Friday, February 15, 2008

Red Toile runner and trash...

I finished my toile table runner top, now to sandwich and quilt. I also cut out 4 place mats to go with it.
I have almost used up all the pretty dark red toile. Sadly it will be gone.
I bordered it with left over small quilt squares I had from another project.
Waste not want not I say.
Folks who don't sew, don't understand keeping these 'scraps'... I have to ban them from my room when I say I am de-cluttering or cleaning up.
They have a different understanding of those words then me or really I am sure any other fabric oriented artist.
If I do get rid of any fabric or such I pass it along to others 'like me'...;-)
Would never dream to THROW away!!!

I am also this way with other things I deem worthy to be saved and become new things.
I save things from thrift stores, yard sales and dumps when possible!!
I love it when these above mentioned folks see something I have made from 'trash' and go OH I love that where did you get it??? Ha!!!!!

Well from that box of TRASH you wanted me to toss!!! Haa!!!

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